Jun 11, 2019

We have a tendency to forget the past and its implications for the present, and our future.

Such is the case of Privert’s appointment of Michel-Ange Gedeon, as Director General PNH, during his illegal piracy of our presidency.

Gedeon is one of the time-bombs left in place, when Privert handed  over to Jovenel Moise. Privert had promised to create a Lavalas government, and Gedeon was/is a building block in this long-term concept.

Gedeon is a militant Lavalas and, as such, should never have been placed in control of the PNH, out only element for law-and-order. Remember, he is Serge Calvin’s cousin, another Lavalas militant that served both Aristide and Preval.

Problem solving has certain basic requirements.

You must be Aware of the Problem, and, the build a strategy to handle the challenge.

President Moise has been aware of thee Gedeon problem from day one.

The first step, of his Presidency, should have been the appointment of his own Director General PNH. By leaving Gedeon in place, he has had the time to create an entirely Lavalas hierarchy at the top of the PNH, creating further problems.

Sworn to “Serve and Protect,” Gedeon has done neither. He has actively moved to block efficient, and effective PNH actions, in situations that required a firm and professional PNH reaction.

With Prime Minister Ceant he conspired to neglect the purchase of tear gas, for crowd control. He and Ceant advised the Mob of this, making demonstrators bold in their confrontation with the PNH officers, on the ground. Gedeon knows the situation will finally escalate to the use of “deadly force” and PNH officers/civilians will be killed.

Gedeon’s inner circle turn their cell phones off, in times of violence, so PNH officers at the scene cannot get instructions, or advice.

Gedeon withheld PNH officers, during the disastrous July violence, with the excuse that he didn’t have fuel for his vehicles.

And, during the recent Senate fiasco, when Senate President Cantave could not reach him for more than 16 hours, said his two phones were “discharged.”

He should have been fired instantly.

Instead, he is being held in place by Canadian and American embassy interference.

We have many good PNH officers and they hate Gedeon.

Gedeon has made a fortune, illegally, and stashed his cash in the Bank of America in Florida. He has purchased a $1,000,000 home in Coral Springe, if an American embassy source is to be believed. His wife and children are already in residence, so Michel-Ange Gedeon has nothing holding him here, one he does as much damage to the Jovenel Presidency, as possible.

He will retreat to Florida and leave us to suffer the consequences.

PNH officers will die.

Innocent civilians will die while Gedeon lives in American luxury, with his criminal gains.

It is not too late, even though Gedeon’s contract is due to expire soon.

President Moise, fire him today, and prevent his planned destruction of the PNH

.Your people are waiting for you to take the lead.

They will follow!


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