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The Rainy Season is upon us

Feb 27, 2010 Haiti’s rainy season has begun. Last night torrential rain turned tent cities into misery for half a million homeless earthquake victims. This…

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Clowns Entertain Suffering Kids in Haiti

(Feb. 20) — Haitian children from a camp near the wrecked presidential palace got a brief respite from the hardships of life, thanks to the…

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U.S. Military Role In Haiti Met With Mixed Emotions-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian- Truth

The U.S. military, stretched thin in Iraq and Afghanistan, has taken on another major operation after a massive earthquake hit Haiti. About 22,000 service members…

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Chile’s quake 500 times more powerful than Haiti’s

In the end, though, the damage is not likely to be as heavy as in Haiti because of the depth of the quake, the population…

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’Grave’ flooding in quake-hit Haiti kills 11

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, (AFP) – Flooding triggered by heavy rain killed at least 11 people in Les Cayes, Haiti’s third most populous city and an area…

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Mullen leads trip to Haiti, faces Preval’s ire on allegation-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

By Craig Whitlock Washington Post Staff Writer Saturday, February 27, 2010; A09 PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI — Haitian President René Préval faces many challenges: a country in…

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By Soledad O’Brien and Rose Arce, CNN February 24, 2010 11:03 p.m. EST Port-au-Prince, Haiti (CNN) — You hear it all the time in Port-au-Prince:…

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HAITI : Probability of 80 percent for an earthquake of magnitude 5 or greater in the next 90 days

USGS Updates Assessment of Earthquake Hazard and Safety in Haiti and the Caribbean / Released: 2/23/2010 Published by AlterPresse on February 24, 2010 The U.S….

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After the quake Only plastic between Haiti homeless and storms -Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Seasonal rains and hurricanes spell trouble for Haiti in the best of times, but with hundreds of thousands of people living in flimsy makeshift shelters…

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Canadian military begins Haitian pullout Officials continue to try to track missing Canadians

By Juliet O’Neill, Canwest News Service; with files from Citizen News Services Canadian military forces are starting to withdraw from crisis work in Haiti and…

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First U.S. Paratroopers to Return From Haiti

MIAMI – U.S. Southern Command will begin the redeployment of paratroopers supporting U.S. military relief efforts in Haiti Jan. 25 with the 1st Squadron, 73rd…

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Haiti reconstruction official owns share of concrete company-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

WASHINGTON — Haiti‘s top reconstruction planning official owns part of the country’s largest concrete company, which stands to reap major gains from the coming wave…

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Two days after the January 12 quake, President Preval gave Dimitri Vorbe a contract to purchase 200,000 food packages at $20.00 US pr package. Vorbe…

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Chile: Unasur to provide $100 million to Haiti-Added COMMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

The Associated Press Wednesday, February 24, 2010; 5:47 PM PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad — Chilean President Michelle Bachelet says a group of South American nations has committed…

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Who’ll rule the tent cities of Haiti?

Haitian survivors’ camps have started to reflect hierarchies and rivalries that vex nation’s politics. Andrew Chung Staff Reporter PORT-AU-PRINCE–They jockey for power. Cronyism is rampant,…

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Haitian voodoo leader vows ‘war’ after attack on ceremony-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Haiti’s supreme voodoo leader vowed “war” on Wednesday after Evangelicals attacked a ceremony organized by his religion honoring those killed in last month’s massive earthquake….

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Recovery prospects dim for Haiti electric utility

By FRANK BAJAK The Associated Press Wednesday, February 24, 2010; 6:27 PM PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Six weeks after a catastrophic earthquake flattened downtown Port-au-Prince, power…

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Miami architect devises prefabs for homeless

Andrés Duany — the famed Miami architect — has designed a basic, inexpensive and easy-to-assemble house that could shelter thousands of displaced Haitians. BY ANDRES…

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Haiti quake is beginning to be felt miles away-Added COMMENTAYR By Haitian-Truth

Haitian farmers in the countryside struggle to feed the displaced relatives they’ve taken in. As meager funds dwindle, they wonder how they’ll be able to…

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Questions Surface After Haitian Airlift -Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

By GINGER THOMPSON Published: February 23, 2010 PITTSBURGH — It was widely billed as the first uplifting story in the aftermath of the earthquake that…