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New document reveals scope and structure of Operation Warp Speed and underscores vast military involvement

WASHINGTON — When President Trump unveiled Operation Warp Speed in May, he declared that it was “unlike anything our country has seen since the Manhattan…

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Des militaires haïtiens vont être déployés à Fonds-Parisien

JUNO7 Le ministre de la défense Jean Walnard Dorneval a ordonné le déploiement d’un contingent de soldats à Fonds-Parisien dans le but d’assurer le contrôle…

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Coronavirus vaccine: Johnson & Johnson jab shows response in 98% of test participants

Johnson & Johnson vaccine development moves on to 60,000 person trial Graig Graziosi One of the numerous proposed coronavirus vaccines has produced a strong immune…

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DLA Piper Webinar Next Monday on Timberland’s Strategic Alliance in Haiti

The global law firm DLA Piper invites you to take part in free one-hour zoom webinar next Monday to learn about the Timberland partnership with…

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Jovenel Moïse annonce un contrat de turbines avec General Electric

  PORT-AU-PRINCE – Le chef de l’état haïtien, Jovenel Moïse, jure de gagner son pari de rendre l’électricité accessible 24 heures par jour sur l’ensemble…

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Coronavirus: What are the numbers out of Latin America?

  Coronavirus cases have been going up sharply in Latin America, although there are signs that the numbers of new cases may be beginning to…

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Canada nails down 5th deal for potential COVID-19 vaccine

Canada has now committed more than $1 billion to buy doses of COVID-19 vaccines The Canadian Press · Posted: Sep 22, 2020 2:17 PM ET…

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Covid-19: UK could face 50,000 cases a day by October without action – Vallance

The UK could see 50,000 new coronavirus cases a day by mid-October without further action, the government’s chief scientific adviser has warned. Sir Patrick Vallance…

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White House abandoned plan to send 650 million face masks across the U.S. in April, report says

The U.S. Postal Service had drafted a press release announcing plans to send 650 million masks across the U.S. early in the coronavirus crisis, but…

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Pfizer vaccine trial bets on early win against coronavirus, documents show

  (Reuters) – Pfizer Inc is betting that its coronavirus vaccine candidate will show clear evidence of effectiveness early in its clinical trial, according to…

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Les USA menacent de sanctionner tous ceux qui font obstacle au processus électoral en Haïti/ Le Secteur Démocratique rejette d’un revers de main la déclaration de l’Ambassade Américaine

En effet, dans un tweet publié hier mercredi, l’Ambassade des USA en Haiti presse les autorités haïtiennes de former « un CEP avec des personnalités…

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Coronavirus live updates: India records world’s highest increase in new COVID-19 cases

India’s case count is on track to surpass that of the U.S. within weeks. By Morgan Winsor and Emily Shapiro A pandemic of the novel…

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The powerful media mogul at the core of Trump’s debunked views on vaccines and autism

  President Donald Trump has expressed anti-vaccine views since 2007, when he told a reporter that he believes vaccines can cause autism in young children….

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A COVID-19 Vaccine May Be Only 50% Effective. Is That Good Enough?

As we get closer to a COVID-19 vaccine, it’s exciting to imagine a day when the virus is gone. But a vaccine will not be…

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Inside Oxford’s Vaccine Saga: From Wild Hype to Sobering Reality

Once hailed as the world’s best hope, the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine trial hits a bump in the road—and that might be good news. In April, Sarah…

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U.S. coronavirus data is ‘disturbing,’ Dr. Fauci says, disputing Trump’s claim that U.S. is ‘rounding the corner’

KEY POINTS President Trump said Thursday evening at a White House news briefing that “I really do believe we’re rounding the corner,” adding that new…

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The COVID-19 pandemic is about to enter its most treacherous phase

By Barry Eichengreen 200 Washington won’t be there to support the economy this time, as infections inevitably rise as people head back indoors BERKELEY, Calif….

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Dr. Anthony Fauci Predicts Yearlong Intermission Between Vaccine Arrival And Maskless Theater

A COVID-19 vaccine would likely not be an immediate, complete solution to Broadway’s woes, suggests Dr. Anthony Fauci, who noted in an interview this week…

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What Scientists Have—and Haven’t—Learned About the Coronavirus So Far

From whether dogs can get it to how it spreads to that ridiculous “study” on runners spewing plumes of virus, we’ve won some and lost…

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Teacher Deaths Raise Alarms as New School Year Begins

Teachers in at least three states have died after bouts with the coronavirus since the dawn of the new school year, and a teachers’ union…