Nov 29, 2018

It boggles the imagination to see Michel-Ange Gedeon remain in control of the PNH, just because he has a contract that expires in April. This is like leaving a deranged pyromaniac in charge of a fireworks factory, just because he had some sort of employment agreement.


His future is not in Haiti!

Gedeon will instantly abandon Haiti, departing to live in peaceful, safe Orlando, Florida, with a real police force, where he has purchased a $1,000,000 residence on his PNH salary of something slightly over $2,000 per month. His wife and children are already there. The kids are attending an American school, unlike their Haitian compatriots who have no schools. He has substantial accounts with the Bank of America.

Before he escapes our jurisdiction, an  Interdiction Order should prevent his flight until he explains where his millions have come from.


Contraband cement from the Dominican Republic?

Haitians hesitate to take action against Gedeon, saying “the Americans like him,” as if this mantra justifies retention of a person who is dedicated to the collapse of the democratically elected (TWICE) President, Jovenel Moise. The Americans are directly responsible for Haiti’s chaotic situation.

In 1991, when  Americans originally backed Aristide, George Bush soon realized the Priest was not “as advertised.” Unfortunately,  George Bush was not man enough to admit his mistake and, instead, enforced a deadly, illegal embargo.

During negotiations to force Aristide back upon an unwilling nation, after a 3 year murderous embargo that starved to death  over 5,000 kids, under the age of 5, the Governor Island Accord was signed by Aristide/Cedras. At this point our American friends, and their international associates, realized what Aristide was,  and planned to control his dictatorial tendencies, once back in Haiti.

The Forces Armees d’Haiti was the balancing factor, set to control Aristide and this was stipulated in the Governors Island Accord.

One section stipulated that General Cedras would step down and his replacement   selected – from current general officers – as required by the various laws and regulations existing. This would have seen either General Duperval or General Mayard as the Commander in Chief.

That was the Plan but Aristide had other thoughts.

Upon his return, in October, 1994, Aristide delayed the December elections, (that he would have lost)  and threatened to stay “three more years,” if the Americans didn’t accept Preval as President, (they did)  got the American general, in charge of the occupation, to force the illegal appointment of a new general officer, in the FAdH. Fire Chief, Lieutenant Colonel Poisson was made a Brigadier General and then selected by Aristide, as Commander in Chief.

Poisson’s only order from Aristide was to illegally, and unconstutionally disband the FAdH, and he did, effectively dooming our society. Unfortunately, the army command structure rolled over like spaghetti and didn’t challenge the destruction of Haiti’s military.

In its wisdom, the  International Community then set out to create a new force –  the PNH – and trained a bunch of guys, resisting the inclusion of any old FAdH people. The American, and Canadian, trained officers  were all fired by Aristide, who personally selected each, and ever PNH officer. This is the force that survives today, headed by an Aristide loyalist Michel-Ange Gedeon.

There was an opportunity to correct Aristide at the 1995 annual general assembly of the Organization of American States, held at Club Med, in Haiti. Warren Christopher, Clinton’s Secretary of State, was in attendance. During his short visit Christopher attended the graduation ceremony for new PNH officers. In his speech to them, Christopher urged the graduates to accept their loyalty was to Haiti, and not to any political philosophy and personality. The graduates politely listened.

Aristide then took the podium and stood there – silently-  for almost a minute, glancing around the graduate class. Aristide then spoke, demanding where their loyalty was. The entire class jumped to its feet and shouted, “Lavalas, Lavalas, Lavalas!”

Warren Christopher, the frightened representative of the free-world’s most powerful nation,  ran from the room, got on his aircraft and departed, claiming events in Somalia needed his attention. A more determined man would have called Aristide’s hand – at that moment – and avoided today’s result.

We are still paying!

While the FAdH, with 7,000 badly equipped people, maintained law-and-order, basically because the the population’s respect for the  institution, the PNH with, multiples of that number, and equipped to a level exponentially greater than the FAdH, cannot handle the challenge and commands no respect from the people.

During the 1001 -94 embargo period the FAdH controlled Port au Prince with 1,000 officers and – at one time – 2 serviceable vehicles. Respect for the institution went a long way.

Today, the  PNH is viewed by Haiti’s majority, as a criminal gang, with guns.

The PNH is fragmented, with a variety of percentages loyal to diverse elements, who don’t have the public welfare as a prime goal.

Drug dealers, politicians, certain businessmen and, of course,  Aristide.

Aristide manages to cover all bases, being a drug-dealer, politician and some say, via his wife,  a businessman. Some say Lavalas controls at least one-third of the PNH.

Michel-Ange Gedeon is a Lavalas/Aristide supporter, as are 2 or three of the Chief’s top-level staff. Their only goal is the destruction of the Jovenel Moise Presidency, returning control to Lavalas/Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

To do this, Gedeon, and his Lavalas associates, have set out to destroy morale within  the PNH. As an example: Demonstrations start near the airport and move up Delmas, towards Petionville. Officers monitoring the marches – around Delmas 40 – call senior office for instructions, only to find Gedeon’s team has closed its cell-phones, leaving the men, on the street, without guidance.

Numerous PNH officer have been assassinated by criminals, without much comment from Gedeon.

And now, we have the Malpasse Outrage in which PNH officers – on site – called for backup from 8 A.M. without any reaction on the part of PNH leadership. Finally, the mob overran the Malpasse Customs units and killed 6. Gedeon is complicit in these deaths since he has fostered the existing philosophy that permeates the PNH.

The results were varied, but all harmful to the survival of our government.

Numbers of PNH officer have resigned as a direct result of this unspeakable crime.

Overall PNH morale has plummeted.

The Malpasse Customs operation is closed down, having a major effect on Haiti’s economy. There is no scheduled reopening because of well-founded fear among security personnel.

PNH Commisariates have been torched.

Yesterday, a PNH Inspector was assasinated in downtown Port-au-Prince.

Each of these factors add themselves to the balance against our government’s survival. If the Jovenel Moise Presidency hopes to survive into the New Year, it must rid itself of PNH Chief Gedeon, and several of his top advisors.

The Chamber of Deputies and Senate favor this action, one of the few times we have seen a consensus.

The vast majority of Haiti’s 12,000,000 expect this responsible action, by their President.


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