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Food Sovereignty in Haiti – Part One

This is the first of a two-part article. Haiti is dependent on food from outside the country, despite being a nation of farmers with tremendous…

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Learn About Regenerative Agriculture on Sept 21st in NYC

If you will be in New York City on September 21st, we would like to invite you to attend an in-person panel presentation at Columbia…

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Personal Remembrance of Mikhail Gorbachev

I first met Mikhail Gorbachev in 1992 in Kyoto, Japan, when he was less than one year out of office. Although we went on to…

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Magnolia species lost to science for 97 years rediscovered in Haiti

Conservationists find native magnolia for first time since 1925 after original habitat destroyed by deforestation A conservation team has rediscovered a native magnolia tree in…

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U.S. Lawmakers Urge USAID to Ensure Food Security in Haiti

This week 41 Members of the U.S. House of Representatives signed a letter to USAID Administrator Samantha Power urging her to act to ensure food…

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Open Letter About Food Aid to Haiti

Dear Development Aid Agencies and International Institutions Active in Haiti, Our respective organizations provide a wide range of services in agriculture, healthcare and community development…

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News From Haiti: Turning Earth Into Gold

It is hard to hear anything positive about Haiti amid the cacophony of alarms being sounded about the dire state of the nation. And while…

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A Hopeful Celebration in Haiti

There are few reasons for celebration at the moment in Haiti, but the arrival this week of cotton processing equipment imported from India is worthy…

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Haitian-led Agricultural Taskforce Announced

A new Lavi Ti-Plantè Taskforce (“Farmer’s Life Taskforce”) was announced on October 13th as part of a White House Roundtable on Haiti. With a focus…

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Earthquake Response Brings Hope in Haiti

Recovery efforts are underway following Haiti’s recent earthquake, but officials have warned that many rural areas remain completely cut off without assistance of any kind….

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Farmer-led Earthquake Recovery Effort in Haiti

For the last eight years the Smallholder Farmers Alliance (SFA) has been working with approximately 1,000 farm families in southern Haiti to improve their yields…

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Haiti Leads Caribbean in Tree Planting Project

For a country that has had little to celebrate of late, today put a positive spotlight on Haiti for planting the most trees among all…

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Thony Loui Promotes Haiti Cotton With Timberland Instagram Takeover

At 12:00 noon EDT today (US, Canada and Haiti), artist Thony Loui will take over Timberland’s European Instagram account in order to talk about art,…

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Timberland Announces First Products Made with Haitian Cotton

Click IMAGES to SHOP Today Timberland released its first products made with Haitian-grown cotton. This represents an important milestone in the company’s five-year journey to re-introduce cotton…

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Barrage Marion (LA BELLE PROMESSE)

Barrage Marion (LA BELLE PROMESSE) <-View in  HTML Browser Barrage Marion (LA BELLE PROMESSE) <- Click here to view the PDF for Larger view  

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Breakthrough as highly effective malaria vaccine raises hopes of controlling disease

London (CNN)A vaccine against malaria has shown record efficacy in a Phase II trial, a pre-print study released on Friday by Oxford University shows, raising…

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Goats Help Build Community Prosperity and Solidarity in Haiti

Last Monday it was as if a bank was operating in the remote farming community of Sarrasin in Haiti’s Central Plateau. But instead of 11…

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Escape and Containment vs Unity in Haiti

Two items stood out in last week’s coverage of Haiti’s deepening crisis: the escape of more than 400 prisoners (and the deaths of at least…

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Planting Trees in Haiti Through Good Times and Bad

When faced with multiple crises at the same time, how do you choose which ones to tackle first? While the first priority has to be…

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Scientists address myths over large-scale tree planting

BBC By Helen Briggs Scientists have proposed 10 golden rules for tree-planting, which they say must be a top priority for all nations this decade….