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Hello, and welcome to     Please join us in the discussion by adding your comments to the bottom of each article.

This site is dedicated to the open discussion of topics pertaining to daily life in Haiti,  publicly sharing the activities of the Government, and exposing activities of the individuals that are in positions of influence and power. Articles from other news groups will be posted , with added commentary by At times, articles will be reported by our exclusive investigative team, giving a rare view into the depths of deception that lies beneath the surface.

At the bottom of every article, please feel free to voice your thoughts, questions, or comments. All voices MUST be heard in order for Democracy to function. Your thoughts and input into discussion of the topics contained herein are very valuable, and are part of the intent of the inception of this site.

Thank you for reading, and for any participation that you may offer.

Michael Collins


April 2006

Haitian flag

7 thoughts on “Read about this NEWS and Commentary site

  1. Do tell more about the Hurricane relief aid that was stolen and sold off. This information is not being heard in other news around the world. I will subscribe to the RSS feed for instant updates as well. Very interesting colection of articles so far this month.

  2. To Whom it May Concern:

    Will be traveling to Haiti in the coming weeks. Was supposed to leave on March 14th but that has now been pushed back.

    I will be traveling with a group of people from my church, The Cathedral — A Bible Centered Church here in Evansville, IN.
    Our church has operated Haiti Christian Orphanage in Petion-Ville since 1968.

    Would like to make email contact with the creators of this site. Please email me.

  3. Hey could you please email me with your contact details? I’d like to get in touch with you.


  4. Hi Michael – do you mind shooting me an e-mail? I am the author of The Christian Science Monitor article about Wycelf Jean, which is reposted on your site. Thanks, Stephen.

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