US: Sets new limits for Haiti apparel imports

By | 19 December 2013

The US Department of Commerce has set a new limit on duty-free apparel imports from Haiti for 2014 under the HOPE Act.

Under the terms of the Haitian Hemispheric Opportunity Through Partnership for Encouragement Act (HOPE), a limit is set on the amount of duty-free apparel that can be exported to the US from Haiti every year.

Applying to apparel articles made and finished in Haiti, the limitation for the year from tomorrow (20 December) will be 322,629,971 sq m of garments under the value-added programme, or 1.25% of the square metre equivalent of all apparel imported into the US in the year to 31 October.

The Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration, which sets the limit, said apparel articles in excess of these quantities would be subject to otherwise applicable tariffs.


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1 thought on “US: Sets new limits for Haiti apparel imports

  1. There should be no limits!

    Otherwise, the attraction of Haiti will be limited to the allowances set by the US Government.

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