Tour of Moïse of projects in progress of the Artibonite Valley

Haiti - Agriculture : Tour of Moïse of projects in progress of the Artibonite Valley

Haiti Libre:

Thursday, President Jovenel Moïse made a tour of the Artibonite Valley to assess the progress of the rehabilitation and cleaning works of canals in various communes in the department.

Accompanied by, among others, Senator Carl Murat Cantave, Franco Jean Pierre, Director General of the Development Agency of the Artibonite Valley (ODVA) and several executives of this institution, Jovenel Moïse went first to the locality of Canneau to assess the condition of the dam that irrigates 90% of the Artibonite Valley whose rehabilitation work to improve its performance should be launched soon.

The Head of State then visited the recently rehabilitated 7 km road section linking the commune of Liancourt to the locality of Drouet which will facilitate the movements of farmers in the area.

He subsequently went to the Drouet hydroelectric plant where he conducted a prospecting survey in what was initially a pumping irrigation plant.

President Moïse concluded his tour by visiting the mechanical clearing works in progress on the Coursin Canal (14 km) which irrigates 3,000 ha and that of Faussé Naboth Est (15.5 km) which irrigates 1.500 ha of land.

Jovenel Moïse said he was satisfied with the progress of this works and reminded that these actions are only an entry in the matter of a much more ambitious project which must officially begin on May 1, within the framework of the Caravan of the Change, which includes: the cleaning of 197 km of drains, 87 km of irrigation canals and repair of nearly 100 km of road.


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