How can you build confidence in elections that are fatally flawed from the outset?

Perhaps – because he was elected by a fatally flawed election – Martelly believes the International Community is willing to swallow anything. Unfortunately, the International Community rolled over and lay there, like a dead dog, when Preval committed his crime that should have seen Mirlande Manigat in the Presidency. He had bought her like a common street lady in Petion-Ville.

Then Preval confused things by letting Jude Celestin make a real run for office. Jude Celestin is a nice guy. He just has minor character flaws that have involved murder and massive theft of government funds.

Martelly shouldn’t be president, and he knows it.

The top candidates were Jean-Henry Ceant, Charles Baker and Martelly. Preval eliminated Ceant because he believed Ceant would have arrested him. Preval had one basis desire and that was to stay in Haiti. He would guarantee this, after Martelly was in office – with a bag of gold.

Now we have Martelly loading his Electoral Council with 6 people controlled by him – totally controlled by him, out of a mandated 9. He has just officially registered his Tete Kale political party.

Unfortunately, like a small child, Martelly has not been disciplined for his ongoing criminal team – so he believes no one has noticed his game plan.

Martelly has already derailed a request – by the DEA – to pick up over forty drug dealers. He blocked the request. Some in the International Community believe Martelly will/has received funding for the election, from the Cocaine Community. Perhaps a few of the 40 will run for the Chamber or Senate, joining their fellow dealers there.

The International Community must set down some very simple ground rules and then enforce them. We know that this gaggle of foreigners always makes firm statements, then surrenders when faced with the Haitian reality.

Someone should also take the time to think of the Constitution. Public statements suggest the amendments, the Criminal Preval Amendments, forced upon us recently by the International Community- do not that effect for 12 months. If this is the case, the 1987 Constitution is still in effect and the Electoral Council should be picked in accordance with it.

The International Community should also look at the Constitutional mandate that any amendments cannot work to the benefit of the sitting president. Martelly is running roughshod over this detail in his effort to guarantee a Presidency for Life.

The game is obvious.

Better to stop it now that to allow a NARCO STATEĀ  the opportunity to finally be completely and totally established.

We are close to it.

Look at the Mexican/American Border and consider the dangers to all involved.


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  1. I am so over this whole political in fighting ,accusations whether unfounded or not run galore .no one is ever on the same page.we love to wallow in a perpetual state of chaos.the political class’ behavior is despicable.Every one is blaming some one else .this mal-governance is not ingrain in our DNA .Why does it keep on happening generation after generation.How will we get out of it?when will we break the cycle? Haitian people, we have no one to blame for our political instability, but ourselves yes our fatricidal selves.things will change for the better when we take a collective responsibility for our pitiful state of being.

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