June 24, 2011

Metropole Haiti:

**Bellerive devra appliquer la politique du président Martelly *

Le chef de l’Etat haïtien, *Michel Martelly, demande au Premier Ministre
sortant Jean Max Bellerive d’appliquer son programme*. Craignant que le
Parlement, dominé par le parti Inité ne perde trop de temps pour ratifier
son prochain Premier Ministre, M. Martelly a indiqué que le chef du
gouvernement ne devra plus liquider les affaires courantes.

M. Bellerive aura la charge de lancer des initiatives dans des projets
urgents tels la lutte contre le cholera, la relocalisation des sans abris et
la mise en branle du Fonds National d’Education.

Martelly, impatient de se mettre au travail pour la population réitère sa
détermination à provoquer le changement. Cette stratégie du président
Martelly est innovante. C’est la première fois qu’un chef de gouvernement
applique le programme de deux présidents élus distincts.

M. Martelly n’a pas fixé un délai pour l’application de cette formule. Il
promet toutefois de choisir une nouvelle personnalité en consultation avec
les présidents des deux chambres. On ignore si les ministres démissionnaires
resteront en poste ou si le chef de la Primature aura la latitude de choisir
de nouveaux ministres.

En tant que Premier Ministre actif mais démissionnaire Jean Max Bellerive ne
pourra pas être interpellé par les parlementaires.

LLM / radio Métropole Haïti



For once, we are at a loss for words.

Everything Martelly promised the Mob means nothing

One must wonder how long his presidency will last?



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  1. je ne vois pas pourqu oi cette desesperation. pourquoi ne pas attendre.Belerive vas detuir le va faire en sorte que Miki echoue.oh mon Dieu deuxiem echec de MIKI

  2. Someone should have shot at him instead of that bitch wyclef. haiti is a joke, and i am ashamed of it.

  3. Subject: Rational for a Martelly emergency interim government.

    We are living the painful reality of a parliamentarian democracy. Martelly has no foundation or support in the Haitian congress. Even his own 3 congressmen from RP took side with GPR. He would have to negotiate with congress for a new prime minister. There are no 2 ways about it. In the mean time Martelly would have to run an Interim emergency government and name by executive orders Interim ministers to run the government a la Belgium. He would have to run by executive orders. He would report to the congress in one year as prescribe by the Haitian constitution. He cannot run an emergency government with caretaker ministers from the previous government. They have a different vision and no dogs in that fight. Finally, he would have to consult with his base and the Haitian people for their approval of his programs as he goes along, like a “pseudo direct democracy” while he is negotiating a new prime minister with the congress. This negotiations may take a year. These are my thoughts for the sake of the Haitian people and the advancement of Haiti and its naissant democracy. We will do fine but it will take time. That’s a process like we like to say in the US. It could have been worse. We do not have a bloody civil war. We have to make it work!

    Bellerive as interim Prime minister is an intriguing and appealing choice. He has been vetted already and that will facilitate his ratification by the congress if necessary. He will report to the congress in one year if he is still in place. His mandate will be to head an emergency interim government. He is already aware of the issues (education, clean water for cholera and other transmissible diseases, housing for homeless and refugees, security, disasters preparedness and finally good governance and combat corruption in managing the CIRH funds and programs). He will have to appoint an new interim cabinet supporting Martelly’s vision. He seems to have a good chemistry with the president. These government should satisfy the Haitian people who voted for Martelly’s programs. That temporary compromise will give the executive and the parliament plenty of time to negotiate a new permanent prime minister who will run the Martelly’s government and implement his vision that 68% of the Haitian people voted for.

  4. Belerive has his hads deeply involved in all aids and economic supports stolen that had been sent to haiti befor and after january the 12th.
    why would Miki choose an enemi of the nation in his side?
    that is a big mistake periode

  5. an other earthquake will occur,but this time I pray God that only the paliement got collapsed withh al of those who do not care about the country. i am praying that there won t be one of them left

  6. It is becoming quite clear that sweet micky is an idiot, as we all knew, but hoped that he would surround himself with visionaries and thinkers, instead, he surrounds himself with the likes of the Mayard-Paul criminal clan. like most people living in Haiti have no understanding of the of what it takes to transform a failing State to one that thrive; they are more interested in the statu quo. This group will be more corrupt than the last.

  7. I am not quick to say Martely is the status quo. I see him as traped like I expected him to be. Anyone who thought this would be easy is the bigger fool. Haiti is built to fail, capitalist/democracy in Haiti= hell! If one reads the Haitian constitution they will see it is more advance than the one of the USA. However, that is the problem the people of Haiti are more westernly primitive than primitivity itself, and I am calling the so called great french speaking intellectual that run the Haitian government for the pass 20yrs primitive. Ran it straight to the ground that is. We the Haitian people won our independance after a long war in 1804 that mean we are more African than western. However, nobody bothers to learn African mentality nor philosophy only western and some eastern(asia). We are different and need different laws. The parliament is the problem and we may have to turn to a non-democratic solution.

  8. Martelly is trapped, but only because he wishes to be.
    Within the last week he was offered the help of a skilled adviser to interface with reality. The meeting never happened and is now unlikely to happen since no one with any sense would want their name involved with Martelly and people like the Mayard-Pauls.
    Haiti loses again.
    The Haitian masses may demand performance, or departure.
    But then we all lose – again.

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