6 thoughts on “Duvalier Appears in Court Today

  1. The judge was very kind and respectful to President Duvalier.

  2. Jean-Claude Duvalier bears a great deal of responsibility for the cleptocracy that now exist In Haiti, He, Aristid, Preval and al. all of them, since 1986, should be tried and executed for high treason

    1. Check your history. Jean-Claude was married to Michelle. She was the one that stole the millions, but you were just a small child then, so it is easy to forgive your ignorance.

    2. I would venture to say that cocaine has more to do with the cleptocracy and corruption in Haiti. Why don’t we just line up all of the assholes that use that drug and execute them for high treason instead? Better yet, lets go to the producers and declare war on them directly.

  3. Marc, forgive my ignorance, I was under the impression that Jean-Claude Duvalier was head of state of Haiti, and therefore responsible for the affairs of state. if Michelle did steal the millions, then he should have had her arrested and executed. So, i renew my call for his public execution for ushering in the era governance by cleptocracy. Marc NO EXCUSES

    1. My friend, I am not going to make any excuses. Let us discuss Martlelly in this same light if the truth matches the things that are being discussed about the real Martelly. We should line them all up, and put them IN FRONT OF A JUDGE. No executions yet. Trials. Then, perhaps save the bullets and let the guilty share the same noose.

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