Magloire – Comments: Rejection of Rouzier

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It is evident that Daniel Rouzier’s rejection for the Prime Minister
position was Inite’s way of telling President Martelly that,”You won the
presidential election, but we run the country”.

The sad thing is the last presidential election was a referendum on Preval
and his party. Through fraud, Preval and his comrades in the provisional
electoral council have managed to win a number of seats in Parliament.
People who have lived through the Francois Duvalier era told me that was one
of the reasons Francois Duvalier dissolved Parliament was because he realized that he could never effectively govern the country with Parliament always at his throat trying to undermine every decisions he made.

I firmly believe that Haiti is not ready for democracy, we do not yet have any sound democratic institutions that would keep Parliament in check; if we did Parliament wouldn’t have been allowed to reject Daniel Rouzier without any clear evidence that he wasn’t qualified for the job. I do not think any other Martelly’s candidate for the top job would be approved without significant compromise with “Inite”; and we all know what they want: the top administrative posts in order to secure their bank accounts.

Now Martelly will have to demonstrate that not only he knows how to win an
election, but he can control “Inite”
In my humble opinion, I think Parliament should be dissolved asap.


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10 thoughts on “Magloire – Comments: Rejection of Rouzier

  1. Perhaps it might have helped if Mr. Rpuzier had deigned to show his passport as requested.

  2. This is why the Forces Armees d’Haiti is important. As a structured institution it had some moral suasion upon our complicated affairs.

    America is a dictatorship of laws.

    Unfortunately, Haiti must be a dictatorship of force.

    People must understand that they can get hit on the head if they try to destroy our society.

  3. Subject: Rational for a Martelly emergency interim government

    We are living the painful reality of a parliamentarian democracy. Martelly has no foundation or support in the Haitian congress. Even his own 3 congressmen from RP took side with GPR. He would have to negotiate with congress for a new prime minister. There are no 2 ways about it. In the mean time Martelly would have to run an Interim emergency government and name by executive orders Interim ministers to run the government a la Belgium. He would have to run by executive orders. He would report to the congress in one year as prescribe by the Haitian constitution. He cannot run an emergency government with caretaker ministers from the previous government. They have a different vision and no dogs in that fight. Finally, he would have to consult with his base and the Haitian people for their approval of his programs as he goes along, like a “pseudo direct democracy” while he is negotiating a new prime minister with the congress. This negotiations may take a year. These are my thoughts for the sake of the Haitian people and the advancement of Haiti and its naissant democracy. We will do fine but it will take time. That’s a process like we like to say in the US. It could have been worse. We do not have a bloody civil war.  We have to make it work!

  4. we need a bloody civil war to cleans this country the blood-suckers
    who are draining this country dry for years. Martelly and al are more of the same

  5. He, Martelly and al, will pay lip service to improving the lives of the average people but will not undertake any structural reform in order to effectuate change. in fact all he’ll do is attempt to micro-manage an unmanageable situation, fail miserably just like his predecessors Aristid, Preval. he will attempt to assume more and more concentrated power as his Mayard-Paul clan RAPES the country.

  6. Douyons is right in many points.

    Unfortunately Martelly seems to have abandoned his promise to combat corruption and has joined the forces of Bellerive/Preval . This Dominican deal for $379,000,000 is just the beginnings. Martelly and Bellerive will profit greatly.

    Clinton is a part of the crimes.

    Martelly has ignored a real choice for First Ministre in Gervais Charles, a close family friend and honest.

    We cannot tolerate “honest” in our governement.

  7. Martelly couldn’t wait two months to show his colors true.

    A Leopard cannot change his spots.

    Martelly remains a vagabond and a criminal.

    He made his money with his wife’s brother and father in powder.

  8. One can not simply move from dictatorship to democracy instantaneously, to suggest giving up at this time is assinine What if we had a true parliamentary system like Israel or the UK,the days of the one man show is long gone, this is the dawn of democracy, one must learn to negotiate in order to govern and maintain the rule of law.

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