Haiti-Final Results Of Legislative Elections Annulled

PORT AU PRINCE, May 12 (BERNAMA-NNN-PRENSA LATINA) — Haitian electoral authorities have annulled the final results of the legislative elections and ratified the preliminary counting as requested by the Organisation of American States (OAS) and the Caribbean Community.

The Provisional Electoral Council confirmed that 13 deputies and a senator had been the winners of the legislative elections for Parliament. They had attained the victory in the first count but were eliminated from the results later, council sources said.

There were 17 contested seats in the Higher Chamber and two in the Lower Chamber.

In most cases, the seats went to members of the outgoing party in government, which provoked protests that left at least four dead and there were charges of fraud from international organisations.

The Mission of the United Nations in Haiti (MINUSTAH) also requested that the 19 declared winners be excluded and that validity be given to the first results, sources said.

A Bureau of Analysis was created by the Electoral council which annulled the final results and validated the preliminary count.

Despite the changes announced the party of current President Rene Preval is ahead in Congress (52 of the 99 deputies and 17 of the 30 senators).

With the decision the Electoral Council declared the voting process finished in Haiti, three days before the new President, Michel Martelly takes office and six months after the first round.

Haitians went to vote on March 20 to choose the future President, seven senators and 79 deputies, sources said.



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  1. Without devoting full time to this game one is lost in the confusions. The entire elections should have been redone. First of all the CEP made messes then the OAS interferred and now some other groups with letters for names give their results and we still cannot be assured the truth is with us.

    Prevals still controls the games and will make our lives miseries.

    Haiti has no lucks.

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