GREED IS GOOD :La justice arrête à tour de bras, Martelly ne lèvera pas le petit doigt-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Le Nouvelliste | Publié le :02 juillet 2013

Roberson Alphonse

Les autorités judiciaires ont découvert un trafic de fausses cartes d’identification donnant accès à des privilèges en douane, au port d’armes, à l’utilisation de vitres fumées, de gyrophare et de sirène. Dans le cadre de cette affaire, Jojo Lorquet et Patrick Maître, respectivement ami et chauffeur du président Martelly, ont été arrêtés puis écroués à cause de leur complicité présumée avec Ernst Laventure Edouard, alias Mòlòskòt, ex-journaliste, coordonnateur général des douanes autodésigné, accusé d’usurpation de titre, d’usage de faux et d’association de malfaiteurs. Pour eux, le président ne lèvera pas le petit doigt. Chacun devra répondre de ses actes devant la justice.



People want to believe in Michel Martelly, however, the ongoing fiasco – without any corrective actions – is laying groundwork for a collapse of his presidency.  I really don’t know what he can do about his wife – Sophia – who does not seem to learn anything from the court challenges to her integrity. She is teamed with the Mayard-Paul brothers, Thierry and Gregory, who are fixated upon power and profit – to Hell with the Nation and its 10,000,000 people.

If Sophia, and her team of chimere, would let Prime Minister Lamothe get on with running the Nation, we might have a chance. Unfortunately Sophia, along with some major businessmen, are partnering with a variety of idiots in the Chamber and Senate, to rid themselves of Lamothe, since his attempt to control corruption, threatens their access to cash.

Aristide is a silent partner in this game. He believes that Martelly will be an easy target without Lamothe since Martelly is surrounded by people like Sophia, the Mayard-Pauls and others, who may or may not be arrested over the next few days.

The failure of 14,000 students brings pressure on President Martelly, who has promised and education for all children. What is being delivered is a sad charade as the Ministry of Education continues to act as a Mafia, walking to its own drum-beat. They are an enemy inside the walls.

Prime Minister Lamothe must take firm steps with the Ministry of Education, before it is too late and unhappy students become a weapon of choice for those who wish to embarrass Michel Martelly.  It might be time to look for an old hand, someone who served the Nation as a good and skilled Minister of Education.

There are several possibilities.

Our future depends upon Education, Education, Education.

Martelly picked the right goal. He just manages to pick the wrong horses.

Time for an analysis, re-evaluation and new program of action before the next school term.


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