We, Haitian citizens and members of the private sector, are revolted

– eager to see a regenerated Haiti, capable of sovereignly choosing its own path towards the desired development, thus allowing all its children, as in the past, to live in the peace and harmony necessary for all prosperity

– revolted by the atrocious crimes of unprecedented cruelty committed by armed gangs at all levels of society, particularly the weakest categories of the population under the impassive or even complicit gaze of the de facto government led by the Prime Minister of has been doing Ariel Henry for thirty-one (31) months now in defiance of all the laws of the Republic

– dismayed by the cries of distress of our sisters and brothers from these neglected categories of the population and the inaction of this neo-facist government which, instead of rushing to the aid of this population in complete disarray, is in the process of stifle through a servile national police force any attempt by this battered population to organize peaceful demonstrations to claim their right to life but rather works towards the arrival of a foreign occupation force still expected for more than a year

– alarmed by this descent into hell that our country is experiencing and which pushes a large part of the population, those who are still alive of course, to look for another host country, something still difficult, to emigrate there

– outraged by the complacent, even complicit, attitude of other members of the Haitian private sector towards the government of Ariel Henry who does nothing to curb the massacre of the innocent population until it is her also massacred one day in turn,

We have always disapproved and, moreover, we disapprove today more than ever, this selfish and Manichean vision of these other actors in the private sector, representatives of the employers’ sector in particular and affiliated with the following institutions:


ect….which, at the instigation of the foreign Embassies established in Haiti through their union commonly called Core Group which set up this bloodthirsty government, insensitive to the harsh suffering of this martyred population, following the villainous assassination of the Late President Jovenel Moïse constantly thinks only of making more profit instead of supporting this population in great difficulty, but nevertheless the source of its wealth and happiness.

Faced with this overwhelming state of affairs where our dear country is deteriorating more every day and where our fellow citizens are the incessant prey of these demonic wolves thirsty for blood and hungry for human flesh, We, MEMBERS OF THE HAITIAN PRIVATE SECTOR OF THE REVOLT (MESPHAR) , urgently demand, from other members of employers’ associations represented through the institutions cited above, to withdraw all their support granted to the Machiavellian and mandateless government of Ariel Henry through concrete actions such as:

A) The immediate recall of their representative to the High Transition Council (HCT) in the person of Mr. Laurent Saint-Cyr

B) Grant a period of time not exceeding four (4) days, i.e. until February 29, 2024, to de facto Prime Minister Ariel Henry and his government to resign from state functions, failing which all industries, business houses and private banks will have to close their doors from March 1, 2024, until the departure of this de facto government

C) Begin serious discussions during this period with the political, religious, socio-professional sectors, organized groups of civil society and all the active forces of the Nation in order to provide the country with a new responsible government made up of honest and competent people which will have the task of quickly pacifying the country and setting up a credible CEP which will have to organize elections at all levels in order to reconstitute the sovereign institutions of the Republic.

D) Any other measure deemed necessary for the good of the Haitian People


Done in Port-au-Prince on Sunday February 25, 2024


Romeo Halloun


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