Dominican Republic Annuls Ethnic Haitian’s Citizenship

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic October 12, 2011 (AP)
The Dominican government has confiscated or annulled nearly 1,600 birth certificates belonging to residents of Haitian descent, a migrant advocacy group charged Tuesday.
A government official denied anyone had been wrongly denied a birth certificate.
Sonia Adames, director of Jesuit Refugee and Migrant Services, told reporters the group’s investigation found 72 percent of those affected are between 15 and 30 years old and have been unable to find a job, open a bank account or enroll in school as a result.
She said 48 percent also have been unable to register their children as Dominican citizens.
Last year, the government amended the Caribbean country’s constitution to deny citizenship to children born in the Dominican Republic to foreign parents.
Adames said government officials have been applying the change retroactively to people of Haitian descent who already held citizenship.
Migrants from neighboring Haiti and other residents descended from Haitians have long complained they receive unequal treatment in the Dominican Republic.
Several local and international nonprofit groups have filed complaints similar to Adames’ charges with the Interamerican Commission of Human Rights, which is still holding hearings on the matter.
Roberto Rosario, president of the government’s Central Electoral Commission, denied Adames’ charges about citizenship abuses.
He said the commission made its own investigation last month. He said that of 120 cases studied, only eight were found to involve the denial of a birth certificate copy requested by a resident, and he said that was because of fraud.
Rosario said a 2007 measure that he approved to reduce the use of fake documents has not led to unnecessary confiscations or annulments of birth certificates for people of Haitian descent.


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2 thoughts on “Dominican Republic Annuls Ethnic Haitian’s Citizenship

  1. For generations the Dominicans have treated us poorly, whenever it suits them

    Remember, in 1937, Trujillo massacred 40,000 Haitians. They are more subtle this day, but they still do not like us and only wish to use our people as slaves in their sugar plantations.

  2. That is exactly why I say we need an army that can fight “ALSO!” The reason is we dont know what neighboring countries may do in the future that include the Dominican republic. We as Haitians dont intend to fight or go to any type of war. However, we cant speak for other contries around us. Yes Trujillo killed alot of us…. Why? well…. we never really know why Dominicans hate Haitian considering we always treat them like brothers. Not all Dominicans hate Haitian, but the ones in power usually do, and that is what matters. Today its birth certificates tommorow it may be an invasion. My point is we cant trust any other contry because we dont know their future leaders, so we must have a millitary that is ready for natural disasters and WAR. We want them trained to listen to our government, serve our people, and ready to fight a physical war if needed to. We dont want a millitary of brainless brutes, but we also dont want a millitary of nurses that assumed the fetal possition at the sound of gun shots or the stumping sound coming from the marching of a foreign army.

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