Michel Martelly visits Jean Claude Duvalier to discuss the future of Haiti

October 12, 2011


President Michel Martelly, accompanied by the presidents of Haiti’s Chamber of Deputies and Senate paid a visit to ex-President Jean-Claude Duvalier this morning. Martelly made a special visit to Duvalier’s home in Thomasin, in the hills above Petionville..


 Martelly and Duvalier spent some private moments together before they were joined by the parliamentarians. Even Duvalier’s associate, Veronique Roy was excluded from the meeting.


Duvalier’s son, Francois Nicola was present.


It is hoped that this marks the first step on the path to national reconciliation.


Martelly met with ex-President Aristide, immediately before his visit to Duvalier’s home. The Aristide visit was rather stiff and formal, while his time at Jean-Claude’s place was punctuated by music, some dancing and a lot of laughter.


After the Martelly/Duvalier private talk the two presidents joined many guests for cocktails and conversation.


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4 thoughts on “Michel Martelly visits Jean Claude Duvalier to discuss the future of Haiti

  1. Michel Martelly you are now the leader of this battered and impoverished country, and why you would be seeking advice from two previous men that accomplished nothing for their contry is nothing short of stupidity. You do not need an alliance of past failures and corrupt politicans. You need to start how to lead. You made many promises to the Haitian people, and it is time to start to deliver. No back room deals with the rich and famous of America or Haiti.No sweat shops so the Americans can ship the products home and make money, off the sweat of your countrymen.Wake up Michenot be a leader, not a follower of the past abusers that ran your country into the condition that is visable to the outside world.Start to buid up your country, enough destruction has taken place, it is your turn to become a hero, not just another corrupt politican.

  2. Why this false propaganda first veronique roy has never met aristide and second she was in the meeting

  3. I just arrive on that website because I am a fan of jean-Claude Duvalier but nobody is looking to XXXXX XXXXXs website and all the comment are only from him – he is using speudo- I suggest to all the fan to go to see the photoson facebook. XXXXX XXXXX was certainly not invited!!!!!I will come back to see if my comments are published.

  4. julien

    I am sure that President Duvalier numbers you among his millions of fans.

    You refer to someone’s web site. We have searched and this person does not have a web site. Perhaps you could give us the web address.

    We do not accept false e-mails from pseudo, as you call them, accounts/ As with your e-mail, we have all the details of you – and your address. In fact, our system can give your computer’s location, within about six feet, but we will not divulge your pinpointed location.

    What wasn’t your friend invited to? And what are we supposed to visit on Face Book?

    This is my site, created and controlled by me, and no one else. We accept material from any, and all political and personal philosophies, so long as they are not obscene or radically unfair in their content.

    It is not pro-Duvalier, Martelly, Aristide, or anyone else. The one person I do not have any respect for is Rene Preval and – perhaps – that shows. I don’t have to make up bad stories about Preval. I just have to report the Truth, and I do with Jean Claude Duvalier.

    We were pleased to see President Martelly take the time to see Namphy – especially Namphy, Duvalier, Aristide, Avril, Alexandre. He will see Manigat, when the ex-president feels better. And, of course, Truillot.

    Welcome to the Truth,


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