CEP Communiqué last night was for Manigat/Celestin. American ambassador threatened, and release was delayed and now reflects Manigat/Martelly in a true reflections of the Democratic Process.

Obama/Clinton say they want the election to reflect the wishes of the Haitian people, and then do this to us.

Real desire was for a Jean Henry Ceant government, perhaps with Charles Baker as Prime Minister.

As everyone was riveted on the presidential fiasco, Preval/INITE stole the Chamber of Deputies and Senate. Immediately after the first round INITE had two deputies and one senator. While eyes focused elsewhere INITE magically generated a landslide.

And the OAS thinks that the ballots they counted had anything to do with reality, let alone the “wishes of the Haitian people.”

Haiti’s 9,000,000 have – yet again – been screwed by the International Community – led by Hillary Clinton and President Obama.

Hillary Clintons pressure to force a criminal electoral result, along with Bill Clintons criminal indifference to the Haitian people’s needs, is simply a coup de grace that follows two terms of Clinton Presidency indifference to the needs of Haiti.


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