Haitian Artists Capture the Spirit of Earth Day

Five Haitian artists offer a contribution to Earth Day with creations that celebrate trees. Most of the images coming out of Haiti at the moment focus on the impact of gang activity in Port-au-Prince, but we invite you to look at these artistic expressions and reflect for a moment on the future of Haiti when peace has returned and forests have been restored.

Terra Tribe by Thony Loui.

Rèn Forè (Queen of the Forest) by Francesca Desulme.

By Anayica W. Louis.

By Waleo Moliere.

By BASTIK (Anick Jasmin).

On a final note, we wanted to let you know that the 7,200 members of the Smallholder Farmers Alliance continue to plant trees and improve their agricultural practices despite the gang activity in Port-au-Prince and some other urban areas. And any support you can provide during these challenging times is always appreciated.

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