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Is this Minustah’s ‘Abu Ghraib moment’ in Haiti?

GuardianUK:Video, edited by ABC News, showing the alleged sexual assault of a young man in Haiti by Minustah (UN) peacekeeping soldiers The video is profoundly…

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Uruguayan judge to question young Haitian man about alleged abuse by UN peacekeepers-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

By Associated Press3:17 p.m. EDT, May 10, 2012 MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay (AP) — A 19-year-old Haitian man who has accused six Uruguayan peacekeepers for the U.N….

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Haiti ‘rape victim’ set for court testimony

A 19-year-old Haitian man who has accused six Uruguayan soldiers of raping him while serving with the UN’s peacekeeping mission to the country will testify on…

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Haitian who alleges abuse testifies in Uruguay-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay –  A 19-year-old Haitian man who has accused six Uruguayan peacekeepers for the U.N. of sexually abusing him in the poor Caribbean country…

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DON’T BOTHER MARTELLY OVER PEANUTS!! Nicolas Sarkozy faces questioning in raft of investigations as immunity ends

Nicolas Sarkozy could face questioning in a raft of party financing and corruption cases when he leaves the Elysée next week and loses his presidential…

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Haitian PM Rules Out Immediate Pullout Of UN Troops

PORT AU PRINCE, May 10 (BERNAMA-NNN-PRENSA LATINA) – Haitian Premier Laurence Lamothe has ruled out an immediate pullout of the UN peacekeeping troops known as…

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Haiti’s Hotel Boom: Only for the Rich-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

The reconstruction effort in Haiti is faithfully following trickledown economic policies, which will exacerbate income inequality in the country. May 9, 2012 | An earthquake…

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Haiti police, UN crack down on would-be soldiers

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti—Haitian police and U.N. peacekeepers have begun cracking down on bands of armed men lobbying for the country to restore its armed forces, a…

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Haiti Unprepared in the Face of Resurgent Cholera

Haiti 2011 © Frederik Matte/MSF Patients affected by cholera receive treatment at an MSF cholera treatment center in Port-au-Prince. PORT-AU-PRINCE, MAY 9, 2012—Cholera cases are…

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mardi 30 août 2011 RETRO-INFO: MARIO DUPUY, ARISTIDE, AMIOT METAYER Haïti : le scandale de trop ? P-au-P., 25 sept. 03 [AlterPresse] — Voici le…