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  1. 25 City: ROSLINDALE Prayer Group Name: Our Lady of Perpetual Help Meets at: Renelique’s residence 50 Pinedale Rd., Roslindale MA 02131 On: Fri 7:00 -10:00 Contact Person: Mr. Jean Lucien Ligonde 617-354-0637 jepali2002@hotmail.com Culture/Language: Haitian/Creole Spiritual Advisor: None assigned

  2. Ligonde has just arrived back in Port-au-Prince. I saw him and his wife two hours ago in Petionville.
    Perhaps the National Police will recognise him and arrest this chimere for his theft of funds from the university.

  3. This needs to stop! We need to stop destroying the reputation of honest people. This is why Haiti is in the condition that it is right now. We are jealous of the others when they are doing good things. I know Jean-Lucien very well and I know this is true lies. Instead of trying to do something positive for our country like he is doing, you prefer to kill his effort by putting together these lies.
    Why do we need to attack people when they are doing things that we cannot do? The only thing I know is that the Lord will not leave unpunished those who are creating and promoting these lies.

      The facts are there for all to see. He was charged with stealing something over $1.5 million dollars from the school.
      He admitted to this and agreed to repay the money.
      He submitted one check, and this bounced….but not before he left for the States.
      We do not attack honest people.
      Jean-Lucien is not an honest person.
      What is the positive thing he is trying to do for the country?? Pay back the money he stole from Notre Dame?
      Give me a break. This bum is a Haitian who is here to take advantage of his fellow Haitians in their time of need.
      But, in the interest of fair play….Please tell us what he is doing for Haiti – right at this moment – and we will check it out and publish the facts.
      He is lucky this country has no legal system, at the moment, otherwise he would be arrested and jailed.
      If Jean-Lucien disagrees with our comments, he can always sue us within the American legal system, where only the Truth counts. With the facts, as they now stand, he will never take this course of action in which his true character will be revealed.
      Tell him to take his best shot.
      We have his entire dossier.


  4. If you hold credible information about this individual, you must provide them, otherwise stop criticizing him. We have not heard of any funds vanished from University Notre Dame. You must support your accusation with facts.

  5. Huh that was odd, my first post didn’t work. Anywho I had to say that it’s good to see that someone else also touched on this as I had difficulty finding the same info elsewhere. Yours was the first place that helped me understand this. Much obliged.

  6. I agree with the prvious writer, please do post facts. If you will so blatantly try to ruin a person’s reputation, you MUST back i up with some hard facts. I would presume the writer does not have a clue as to who Mr. Ligonde is, nor has he been informed of all the facts. The members of his prayers group are
    well educated, functionable members of society. Not a group of gullible baffoons, for the writer to assume the four prayer group with members totaling to over a thousand are all idiots, been conned by Mr. Ligonde is an insult not to the group but to the author of this areticle, for making such an assumption. Mr.Ligonde is an exceptional human being, it might do the writer some good to perhaps seek him out, and engage in a dialog. \i promise you could learn a thing or two


    The next challenge: figuring out how to make the data accessible to people working in Haiti, where a reliable high-speed Internet connection is now virtually nonexistent, and even a reliable power supply can be hard to come by. On January 15, Berman heard from a Boston University delegation planning to travel to Haiti. Led by Jean-Lucien Ligonde, a businessman in the Boston Haitian community, the group included assistant professor of city planning and urban affairs Enrique Silva; lecturer in city planning Anuradha Mukherji; and Elisabeth Coicou, a master’s-degree student in city planning. The group would be working directly with the country’s Service National Gestion de Risque et Désastre, the government ministry in charge of the relief effort, while two other BU professors—Magaly Koch, a geologist affiliated with BU’s Center for Remote Sensing, and Sucharita Gopal, a professor in the department of geography—would lead the analysis team back in Boston.

    Because the team would be involved in conducting damage assessment and planning reconstruction, it was crucial that those in Haiti have access to detailed maps, says Berman. “There’s going to be a lot of aid money coming in,” he says. “It’s important that it not get wasted.” Among other things, he says, “they want to make sure they aren’t rebuilding on top of the worst fault line.”

    With the BU group’s departure looming, CGA staffers worked over the weekend printing high-resolution, color wall maps on the CGA’s large-format printer. The delegation left January 18 as scheduled, maps in hand. (A duplicate copy of one of the maps is on display at the CGA office at 1737 Cambridge St.)

    Meanwhile, CGA staff members are still adding data to the center’s site. The online resources are open and available to anyone who wants them; by January 14, the center had already received inquiries from FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) and the U.S. Coast Guard.

    Berman said CGA staffers had the opportunity to go along to Haiti, but believed their expertise would be put to better use in Cambridge, where they can support sending and receiving data to and from those on the ground: “We’re just going to act as a clearinghouse.”

    See this article for background on the Center for Geographic Analysis.


    In the immediate aftermath of the quake, people involved in relief efforts were scrambling around to find geographic datasets. At Boston University, a group composed of engineers, geographers, and seismologists formed a team to go to Haiti and work directly with the Service National Gestion de Risque et Désastre, a division of the Haitian goverment. After this team was assembled, Jean-Lucien Ligonde of Boston University came to Harvard’s CGA to find out what kind of GIS data or other support CGA could provide to the BU mission. Ligonde then met with Jeff Blossom, senior geographic information systems (GIS) specialist at CGA, in order to work out the best strategy, without duplicating efforts of the GIS analysts at BU. It was decided that for the team in Haiti–which would be operating without power or a reliable Internet connection — the most practical thing to do would be to print a series of high-resolution maps covering the affected area. After a teleconference with the GIS team at BU, Blossom began over the weekend the technical process of gridding separate satellite images and then setting up queues of map plots to be printed off sequentially. Once printed, the plots could be tiled together to form high-resolution, color wall maps capable of showing collapsed buildings, the condition of roads, and where groups of people had gathered. These maps were given to the team at Boston University shortly before their departure for Haiti.

    1. If he is so righteous, where are the tents for his people???? Why are over 60% of them still without food and housing solutions??
      Who gives a damn about maps and graphics. USELESS TO THOSE THAT ARE STARVING.

  9. As quoted by pascale-
    “Among other things, he says, “they want to make sure they aren’t rebuilding on top of the worst fault line.”

    Ill informed person that you are- the worst fault line runs directly through the middle of Port-au-Prince. It is physically impossible to build anywhere other than right on top of the fault line, unless this twit suggests that the Nation’s Capital will be built elsewhere?

    No, you are falling for a well done PR bit, supported by folks in Boston, just like all of the fools that believe that Aristide is a good man, and was elected. Hah. Ill informed you are.

  10. Ligonde is a criminal.
    Had the justice who was handling his case not been killed in the Janvier 12 earthquake, he would have been arrested. Others are pursuing this possibility.

    Many people stood up for Bernie Madoff for years and years. It was with an almost religious ferver…just as those people protect Ligonde.

    All con-men have this ability to lull people into a false sense of security. Check the facts. Ligonde left Haiti under a very dark and black could. Had he remained, he would have been jailed.

    I was a personage involved with the dossier.


  11. Murderers, rapists and kidnappers escape to the States for cooling off and return to Haiti later, not to be bothered by anyone.

    Why should Ligonde be treated any different.

    He stole the money, went away for a while, and has now returned to steal more. Haiti is so mixed now that no one will notice another criminal among criminals. And he has exprience. Because of this people are more likely to give him a contract.

    Then he can pay back what he stole before and be legal.

    Haiti cheri!!!

  12. The first Pascal to answer this article must be Ligonde’s brother-in-law or – perhaps, Ligonde himself.

    Just because a bunch of university professors and community leaders support someone doesn’t mean that the “someone” isn’t a moron or a criminal…perhaps both, and more.

    Supposedly, the majority of Haitians voted for Preval and look where that got us.

  13. Mr. Dawoud, I am a female,and I am not related to Mr. Ligonde. What I do know, is perhaps this so-called criminals has the required brain cells to pull a team of educators together from the best universities in the world, to help your country… I don’t fault you for your comments, since the previous writer, stated a need for tents, instead of a comprehensive study by great minds to resolve the chaos that is now our beloved country. How does one argue such logic? For a man who stole millions, why has Mr. Ligonde lived such a modest life, what has he done with all the millions he stole? What do you think? He probably gave it all to charity to redeem his souls… Food for thought wouldn’t you say?

    1. Highly unlikely scenario that you portray. Do some more investigation, and you will see that he is pulling the wool over your eyes- Oh wait, perhaps you should just reflect on this in 5 years. Either way, your optimism is is the sort of thing that Haiti needs. I think that you may be giving credit where it is not due.

      His “modest” life is far from that. He lives in an extremely expensive part of Boston, which is rather expensive to begin with. For someone to play a PR game, he is doing exactly what would be expected of him, especially seeing as his wife is an architect that is vying to get EXTREMELY valuable contracts.

      No, in 5 years, they will be living a very lavish and luxurious life, and those that supported him may feel a bit of regret.

    2. Pascale. Saying that he gave… or may have given the million stolen to charity it complete and total GARBAGE. My goodness, what cloud are you living on??

      The rationale is absolutely absurd.

      If you are as intoxicated by this man, then you have a right to be.

      Some folks followed Charles Manson. They thought he was in touch with God.

      This parasite that you defend deserves to be exposed and held accountable.

      EVERY action he takes is clearly to keep him in a position to have more chances to get more money. Some people are more gullible that others, but thinking that he would give money he stole to charity is beyond absurd.

      You accuse the writer of not doing their investigating, then you suggest this utter foolishness?

      Oh my. Perhaps a bit more thought next time.

      Food for Haitians would be better than this proposed “food for thought”

      Absolute garbage.

  14. Pascale-
    You are giving credit to someone that does not deserve it. The team of people and all of the information that was gathered would have been done regardless.

    What is he REALLY doing for Haiti-

    Is he doing any actionable things that are actually HELPING people RIGHT NOW, while they starve and fend off the storms deluge.

    There are real people from real organizations taking care of the big, long term picture, and this man’s presence in any of it only brings skepticism to mind.

  15. Credit him for bringing some people together – with big minds or not.

    Bernie Madoff did the same thing and screwed the trusting, the naive and the stupid.

    Ligonde isn’t the only criminal in the big con game to steal as much of the $14,000,000,000 as possible.

    Ligone is what American histoians call a Carpet Bagger – from the times immediately after their Civil War. These guys descended upon the southern States trying to grab as much reconstruction money as possible.

    Ligonde is Haiti’s Carpet Bagger…and Pascale is one of the naive well-meaning people who will eventually look like a toasted turkey….while Ligonde upgrades his living style in Boston.

    He will not remain in Haiti any longer than needed to steal what he requires.

  16. Quote from Gary Jean
    ” Instead of trying to do something positive for our country like he is doing, you prefer to kill his effort by putting together these lies.
    Why do we need to attack people when they are doing things that we cannot do?”

    Here is my answer-
    What is he doing that is positive, aside from being PART of a large TEAM that put together maps?

    Are you all also not already aware that the US Military already had these types of detailed maps?? They were already there with the maps in Haiti right after the first troops hit the shores.

    Have you- all of you well educated forward thinkers like Pascal- have you ever heard of Satellites?

    Did you know that these satellites carry high definition cameras? Most are owned, or controlled through contract by the US military. Plug in a grid of longitude and latitude, and presto- the best maps possible. The geological make-up is already well clearly known, and the one thing that would help- especially from a Boston Harbor- would be Hydrographic surveys. Did your business man think of that? Arrogant pricks.

    I doubt he brought these people together either- He is a business student, therefore is likely to have positioned himself to be able to take credit, perhaps through sympathy, seeing as our country has just been devastated. Why not help prop up this charming parasite that is loved by those that he has fooled.

    I personally think he was a Haitian that has kissed a lot of ass, and is seeing some of it pay off.

    He is counting on the fact that the written records of his theft were destroyed in the earthquake, but he should reflect on one thing as he goes about his business.

    The Elephant Never Forgets, and there are many amongst you. History of your actions will never be erased, and will follow you after you leave Haiti.

  17. Pascale- Does your love for this man Ligonde go deeper than just an admiration for his work?
    I would guess that you have more affection for him than anyone else that has posted comments here.

    All of the other folks, almost all from Haiti, not the Boston area, also agree that he is a crook.

    Enjoy your little world there in Sharon Mass. It is a lovely little sheltered part of the world, and apparently, VERY FAR FROM HAITI.

    1. Pascale- you are not seeing that your ciritcisim should be addressed to ALL commenters, not just to the site manager.
      Ligonde is being investigated by a number of organizations.

      I am here to publicize factual information that has been researched.
      I read the article posted to the university site about the project Ligonde is involved in, and spoke to other people involved in the project as well personally.

      You are not the only one putting anything up in his defense- out of 12,500 people that have seen this article- 3.

      MANY OTHERS do not agree, as they have also posted. That posting was made a long time ago, and our energies are going into other things- read the whole site before you type another abusive insult.

      All praise Ligonde for the GREAT THINGS HE DID…….. but let us not forget that he has a record for stealing money from Haitian University. He was FORMALLY CHARGED IN HAITIAN COURT AND ADMITTED HIS GUILT.
      He stole $1.5 million dollars, and you suggest that he gave that to charity.

      If anyone here is an idiot, and posting false info, it would be the fool that believes that anyone would go to the trouble of stealing 1 1/2 million dollars and then give it away- especially after going through Haitian courts.

  18. Your comments is so predictable, It could not be a different perspective, off course not… Somehow to a different opinion, equates to Love. I could stand in defense of someone base on my own observation devoid of any emotions… You claim you have facts regarding this man’s crime. That’s all well and good, you should then use your energy to either have him prosecuted, or look into a civil lawsuit. I, however, have serious issues when folks are suputtering nonsense about a project they know nothing about. I find you brave, to be making comments that are borderline idiotic… As evident, you are using a medium to communicate your opinions to the world. Well, use the same avenue to find solid concrete facts on this project. I detest, ridiculous assumptions… They do very litte for the mind

  19. You are a lynch mob, and you are typical, you do not want another’s opinion. The charity comment was obviously a joke. You are obviously the dictator who rules this site and only wants posting from one perspective. I do not wish to read this nonsense.

    1. Glad to see we have fired you up. This site, if you were able to take the time to read ALL of it, is very un-biased. You will see other comments being critical- even right here in this same posting here!! Can you not read???

      Take a break from dumping here on this posting, and find some more interesting information on the site.

      You might even learn something, no matter how intelligent you think that you are.

      Have a nice day. You are one. Glad you have a passion for defending this man.
      Like a different poster said earlier, people have defended crooks and found out that they were wrong.

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