This man was dragged to the streets, stripped, and set afire-Alive

20 January

0602 EST a 6 point aftershock wakens Haiti to another day of reality. Crews are still digging for bodies, and possible survivors. One student was rescued from the debris of University of Port-au-Prince, leaving hundreds of his fellow students behind.

President Preval is nowhere to be seen. He has effectively abandoned his people. He seems to have created a national/International crisis, once again at great cost to his 9,000,000 citizen – minus the 200,000 already dead and the thousands who will die from QUAKE PREVAL’s destructive forces.

Seems as though he went to the Dominican Republic to negotiate an asylum with impunity against criminal actions for his involvement with murders, kidnapping, gang violence, drug trafficking and massive theft from State funds.

During the 2008 Hurricane Disaster, Preval and his associates – Elisabeth Delatour, Leslie Voltaire, Jacques Alexis…etc…stole everything including a cash fund of $168,000,000 US Dollars.

Now, during the 2010 QUAKE PREVAL disaster Preval and his team plan to steal whatever is  left, including HOPE.

Preval is, and has always been violently anti-American.

In this moment of despair, there is no time for partisan politics!

Everyone should help Haiti as its people face oblivion!

Not so President Preval!. He is rumored to have signed a document turning complete control over the  United Nations. As President this is against the Constitution of 1987. He has done so, not to help Haiti, but to embarrass the United States, Canada and France. He has created an international tension that sees  Venezuela, Russia, Cuba, Columbia, plus others, aligning themselves against what they see as a colonial American  thrust.

They claim that America has done little over the past 23 years to help Haiti….and this is true. Having said that, the effort to diminish today’s American effort is counterproductive. The 12,000 American troops in Haiti are not enough to create an adequate distribution network in a situation where the  MINUSTAH force has effectively abandoned the field, after its command team was killed in the quake. Mueller has been sent in to head MINUSTAH, a position he held innefectively in the past. Mueller is a “very bad man” to quote my Haitian friends..

Chavez has also circulated the claim that it was no an earthquake that destroyed Haiti. Instead, it was an American bomb.  This may seem ridiculous, but to the peasant mind, in Haiti,  anything is possible.

Russia is supposedly sending 4 submarines into the area.

Preval has created a geopolitical mess from which his countrymen will be hard-pressed to survive.  Russia – and perhaps Chine will use their Security Council vetoes to ties things up. More Haitians will dies, but they really don’t count on the scales of international competition.

Preval’s release of 60 key gang leaders, coupled with the interference of his left-wing associates, could be the basis of a terrorist war against the American soldiers in Haiti.


Preval must not be allowed impunity for his many crimes.

He must not be allowed asylum.

He should be able to run….but he must not be allowed the option of hiding safely!!!


Jean-Lucien Ligonde is planning a return to Haiti in a plan to steal more money in the chaos that exists. Five years ago he escaped to Boston after being convicted of stealing $1,500,000. USD from the Notre Dame University in Port-au-Prince.  He was supposed to pay back the money  in $150,000 installments. He gave a check for $150,000 and fled to Boston. Naturally, the check bounced.

In Boston he acted as a charismatic, promising Miracles, claiming Miracles in the fields of cancer and HIV cures.

He and his wife Elisabeth Coico Ligonde, and architect, plan a return to pillage yet again. She will attempt to gain a plave in the rebuilding of Haiti and he will try to milk relief sources.

His entry into Haiti should be blocked. If he arrives, he should be arrested for his debts and put in the National Penetentiary. It has lost of space since Preval released all of his gang leaders so they can terrorize yet again.


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  1. Pray for Haiti, we are ruled by criminals and are starving. Preval, là où êtes vous??????????

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