Ultimate reprieve for Haitian in DR registered with the PNRE

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Haiti - FLASH : Ultimate reprieve for Haitian in DR registered with the PNRE

Tuesday, 25 July, the National Council for Migration (CNM) approved the one-year extension of temporary residence permits issued to nearly 240,000 foreigners registered in the National Regularization Plan for Foreigners (PNRE) living illegally in the Dominican Republic.
Carlos Amarante Baret, the Dominican Minister of the Interior and Police, who is also the President of the CNM , said that he has already given instructions to the Directorate General of Migration (DGM), so that by 25 August at the latest, be developed a protocol so that the 97% of foreigners (mostly Haitians) who have been accepted into the PNRE and who have not completed their registration due to missing documents can complete the regularization process.

“The one-year extension period will begin on August 26, 2017 [and end on August 26, 2018]. When foreigners will pass through Migration, the Agency will decide on their status in the country,” said Amarante Baret, pointing out that those who do not complete their enrollments within one year will be considered illegal. In addition, in parallel with this process, the operations of arrest and expulsion of illegal immigrants (outside PNRE] on Dominican territory will continue.

Note that there will be no further extension of the PNRE and that this is the last chance for our compatriots to try to regularize, as long as Haiti provides them with missing identity documents, which for the moment for the majority of our compatriots living in an irregular situation in the Dominican Republic, remains at the stage of promises constantly renewed but never held


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