U.S. Report: Preval Tied to Jamaican Prime Minister Who Is ‘Known Criminal Affiliate’ Of Hunted Drug Lord

As Christopher ‘Dudus‘ Coke Eludes Capture, 30 Reported Dead In Spreading Violence


May 25, 2010

As official reports surface of accused drug lord Christopher Coke’s escape from his barricaded Kingston, Jamaica neighborhood, where Jamaican authorities have been attempting to arrest him for extradition to the U.S., ABC News has learned that a U.S. government report refers to Rene Preval’s associate, Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding as a “criminal affiliate” of Coke.

Police patrol on May 24, 2010 in Kingston, Jamaica after two police officers were killed after coming under attack amid spreading unrest despite a state of emergency imposed by the government. Six police were wounded in the incident on Sunday after police responded to a call for help from a female motorist, the Jamaican police force’s Constabulary Communications Network said. It said the two police officers died after being taken to the University of the West Indies Hospital. Jamaica’s prime minister vowed tough action against a frenzy of gang violence in Kingston, imposing a state of emergency to curb armed supporters of an alleged druglord sought by the United States.

Golding, who led resistance to Coke’s extradition before public opinion forced him to reverse himself, is described in a document read to ABC News as a “known criminal affiliate” of Christopher “Dudus” Coke. According to official U.S. accounts , Golding’s Jamaican Labour Party (JLP) was voted into power through “Coke’s murderous and strong-arm tactics.”

Recently, Golding and other senior Jamaican officials have been electronically intercepted talking to Coke inside his fortified redoubt, US authorities say.

The major police action to capture Coke began Monday morning. On Tuesday, U.S. authorities said they believed Coke had escaped through a ring of hundreds of cops and soldiers who had surrounded the West Kingston neighborhood of Tivoli Gardens. Jamaican and US authorities report that Coke may have slipped through police lines and escaped into one of two adjoining areas, either Denham Town or Jones Town.

By Monday night, Coke’s gun-toting supporters had taken control of the Kingston Public Hospital, and the hospital’s one surgeon has been treating at least 14 Coke loyalists.

Jamaican police are reporting that 30 people — 26 civilians and four members of security forces — have died during firefights in West Kingston as authorities attempt to capture Coke.

ABC News has learned that authorities believe at least 15 alleged gangsters have been slain. Police and soldiers have been doing battle with the alleged drug lord’s heavily armed supporters and outside mercenaries that Jamaican authorities say Coke has hired. U.S. authorities say some of the mercenaries are believed to be Haitian. These mercenaries are drawn from  more than 60 major Haitian gang-leaders who escaped  sweeps by MINUSTAH forces since Preval became president. Jamaica provided sanctuary to Preval’s more notorious associates and now they provide an armed element in support of Prime Minister Golding.

Observers also noted Haitian President Rene Preval’s  long-term association with Jamaica. Preval purchased a $2.5 million dollar property here, during his first term as president. There is a major traffic in drugs and weapons between Jamaica and Haiti.   Most of the weapons, used by the Jamaican terrorists have been traced to Haitian sources the report states.

In addition to the Kingston Hospital gunshot victims, the University of the West Indies (UWI) Hospital has treated 21 gunshot victims. Six of those – five civilians and one soldier – have died.

The island’s Minister of National Security Dwight Nelson has alerted a third hospital, Andrews Hospital, to expect wounded and the National Blood Transfusion Service has issued an appeal to the public to donate blood. An emergency operations center has been activated to coordinate health sector responses as well as hospital security.

The US Department of Justice has listed Coke among the “world’s most dangerous narcotics kingpins.”

He is accused since the 1990s of leading an international gang known as “The Shower Posse” – so named not for their cleanliness but for showering opponents with bullets. Preval’s gang leaders have been absorbed into the leadership of the “Shower Posse..

U.S. Report: Jamaican Prime Minister Is ‘Known Criminal Affiliate’ Of Hunted Drug Lord


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11 thoughts on “U.S. Report: Preval Tied to Jamaican Prime Minister Who Is ‘Known Criminal Affiliate’ Of Hunted Drug Lord

  1. Of course the police there had to consider that a man like Coke with money like that would have had TUNNELS?????

    Where do they say anywhere that they looked with infra red to see if there are any tunnels. Ground density would show it clearly- just like they do in Palestine.

    When looking for a rat, look for tunnels.

  2. Why do the Americans tolerate Preval’s continued existence?

    The stupidity of speaking to elections this year, with Preval in place, is gross stupidity.

    Why don’t they confront Preval with the facts and insist on a dignified and immediate departure?

    There will be no real reconstruction effort with Preval as President.

    If Preval had any decency, he would go. Unfortunately, this is not part of his personal make-up.

  3. that yellow shirt is not going to make you look more innocent merde de poulet preval

  4. I have a question.

    How close are the Haitian people to revolution, and if this happened, would the UN soldiers just open fire on the crowds?

    Also, is it a democracy there? If so, should the UN be protecting the people, instead of the clearly corrupt government, especially preval and bellrieve?

  5. man as a haitian. i dont know wat preval is doin there still

  6. Now it is very clear that Rene Preval and his government represent a real threat for the US and the people of Haiti. It is clear that whoever try to protect these terrorists right now may understand that that by any way, they will respond soon or later to the Justice for their actions.

    The Obama Administration Must ACT VERY QUICKLY TO ARREST RENE PREVAL and bring him and his gangs to Justice as we did in the case of Manuel Noriega in Panama. For the safety of all the entire region, we can no more allow that terrorists to act at their ease and put the continent constantly in danger.

    President Obama needs to do the job right now.

  7. It is time to stop them.After 6 years in Haiti, MINUSTAH HAS ENOUGH accounts and records to provide to the Department of State, the US Congress and Judiciary System to arrest and bring to justice anyone involve in drugs trafficking and terrorist movement in Haiti and the neighborhood.

    We are tired with this situation in Haiti.

  8. Sadly, the Justice Department in Haiti was destroyed, along with most of the documents that were inside. Many criminals who were being investigated now have no evidence to convict them.

    Yes, Preval must go, but the person that replaces him needs to be of a level of integrity that Haiti may never have seen before, otherwise it is the same crimes being committed by different criminals, as it has been for decades

  9. I can remember when Preval bought the house. The deal was handled by Valcin, who was our ambassador to Jamaica, at the time.

    Preval wanted to step down, as President, and go to Jamaica. This was blocked by the Americans who forced him to remain in office.

  10. When Preval and his gangsters will surender to the US Embassy at Tabarre, Haiti to be extradited to the US as Coke? We are watching.

  11. Preval has immunity, impunity and a prostate condition.

    It is time for America to operate and remove all of the Preval problems.

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