Ton of drug seized was to fund terror, Dominican drugs czar says

The cocaine, the foreigners.
SANTO DOMINGO. – National Drugs Control Agency (DNCD) president Rolando Rosado on Friday said the millions of dollars from the sale of the 1,077 kilos (2,152 pounds) of pure cocaine seized in La Romana’s airport Thursday morning would’ve been used to finance terrorist activities.

“We’re speaking of a drug trafficking activity to generate profits for terror activities in others countries,” the official said, but noted that among the ring’s targets don’t figure any in Dominican Republic, and instead, “in other countries which we cannot name at the moment.”
Rosado said the DNCD coordinated the operation with other agencies, mostly the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

He revealed that those linked to the activity and the drug’s destination, “aren’t the traditional ones involved in these actions.”
The confiscation of the drug found in 1,001 packages within 20 suitcases was coordinated by local and foreign entities that kept it from boarding a plane at La Romana International Airport dawn Thursday. “In this investigation all national forces are involved, including productive sectors which have collaborated with us, because they know the DNCD’s transparency and responsibility.”
In a statement sent, the official said although he wouldn’t provide furthers details on the ongoing investigation, insisted that it was about trafficking linked to terrorism. “I’m speaking of a drug trafficking activity, I repeat, applied to terrorism, in other words, it’s about narco-terrorism. It was to finance acts of terror in others countries.”

As of Friday noon 16 people have been apprehended,, among them Dutch nationals Nicholas Joannes Maria and Angel Nathanael Deborah Kimberlei, as well as the Brit Watson Rawson Edward, who’ll be taken to La Romana for arraignment in the next few hours.

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