To Mireille Durocher Bertin. ( The killing of a great lady and obstruction of Justice by Bill Clinton ! ) The American people should know

To Mireille Durocher Bertin

Mireille, I will never forget you! You were a sister to me. As a matter of fact you were the sister I never had! Such great Memories of our struggle to keep the country free from being occupied again by the forces of Destruction and backward men that were only PROFITEERS! It has been 17 Years since you were taken from us. Our last conversation was very late; the night of October 12th 1994….I remember begging you to leave the country with me the very next morning… President Balaguer had warned us that we would be murdered… He gave me a clue to the first three names of those to be assassinated upon Aristide’s return. During my visit to Santo Domingo in August 15-17, 1994, he asked me to help him save three persons, that according to him were dear to him and the Dominican Republic. I was of course on the top of the list, then your name came up, and the third name to my surprise was a Colonel of the FADH. On October 12th, 1994 I had a very long meeting with that Colonel and transmitted the message to him along with a phone number to call, after he could cross the border. He was saved.

Then it was also my mission to convince you that you were in grave danger.  When we talked late that night of October 12, 1994, I was not able to convince you. You stated the many financial problems you were confronting: the mortgage in your home- your family – your law office – I did my very best, pressured by insistent phone calls from the National Palace in Santo Domingo, to convince you to leave Haiti. Throughout the whole ordeal of the criminal embargo against Haiti, only one real friend stood by our side: President Joachim Balaguer of the Dominican Republic. I listened to President Balaguer and Vice President Jacinto Peynado, I urged you to do the same: “Come with me Mireille, I am crossing over at 7 AM the next day”. “I can come and pick you up around 5 AM”- You refused! Soon, I will publish in a book the entire story…

Exactly as President Balaguer had predicted, you were murdered by the Forces of destruction and evil.

Using an executive order, BILL CLINTON stopped the FBI investigation that would have shed light on your assassination. The assassins are still free and running the streets in Haiti. You were the very best. Rest in Peace Sister. In this plane or the next, JUSTICE will be done one day! Rest in PEACE, we will always continue the struggle for a better World where Justice prevails.

The fact remains that Bill Clinton has been the real President of Haiti since September 19th, 1994 and NEVER, NEVER in the country’s history we had so many calamities happening to such a beautiful land: Assassinations- Rapes – Earthquakes – Poverty and Misfortunes – Cholera is still raging killing thousands – Profiteers and carpet baggers raping the country’s natural resources – Fusion International & Teleco were used to fill their pockets – Bill Clinton has brought us nothing but: DISASTER, DEATH & MISERY! One day I hope someone with enough guts will declare him: Persona Non Grata and kick him off the Island. Bill Clinton is the CURSE of Haiti.

The land in Haiti is soaked with the blood of the innocents, let’s us not forget also the 40,000 babies who died during the embargo imposed by Clinton, according to studies made by some American Universities. The only Haitians that can associate themselves with Bill Clinton are those desperately trying to create an Identity and people in “transfert de classe” thinking that by rubbing elbows with Clinton, they might better themselves.

Even the billions in donation given to the Haitian people so generously, mostly by the American people, after the Earthquake of January 2010 have been pocketed by those Profiteers, and two years after the worst catastrophe in the country’s history: hunger, lack of housings, diseases and sufferings are still part of the daily life in Haiti. As always, where has the money gone? Not Millions, billions have disappeared… Now Clinton is building Hotels in Haiti and his cronies are doing their best to take over the Island of LA GONAVE!

GOD! Such injustice can’t endure forever….

Mireille Durocher Bertin was assassinated with 15 bullets according to the FBI, we know the names of all her assassins, they are still free and running the streets of Port-au-Prince, thanks to Bill Clinton who stopped the FBI investigation. One of the 3 trigger-men by the name of Eddy Arbrouet, was murdered suddenly, when US Senator Jesse Helms Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee at the time, put pressure so he could be arrested for the crime and questioned by the FBI. Arbrouet, a well known murderer was silenced…. Former Colonel Mondesir Beaubrun, another mass murderer and the intellectual author of the crime, and Rene Préval are still free.

The FBI left Haiti in October 1995, not being authorized to finish their final report of the Durocher Bertin killing. In November 1995 they went back to turn over their findings to a Haitian Special Task Force created to continue the investigation. I would like to quote the FBI agent in charge of this briefing who indicated to me that: “I am coming in that room and I see all her killers sitting there in the audience”. (Testimony of a Haitian translator named Claude Dougé, working for the US Armed Forces stationed in Haiti in March 1995)

So the World should know about Bill Clinton and his obstruction of Justice in the case of Mireille Durocher Bertin: Clinton Ambassador to Haiti William Lacy Swing, when asked by US Congress about Mireille’s murder, requested a closed door session, and then President Clinton who used his Executive Privilege only three times during his 2 terms as President: one of these 3 times was the day Congress asked him about ”whether he had known that is was the Haitian Government with the help of the Haitian Police that had committed all the political assassinations in Haiti in 1995”. The other two incidents were related to the Monica Lewinsky affair and the presumed CIA cocaine trafficking in California to finance the war against cocaine in Columbia.

Bill Clinton was the most Immoral President of the US. Perhaps AMORAL would be a better word to describe Bill Clinton.

Rest in Peace Sister. We miss you so much! Your story will be told! YOU ARE NOW ONE OF THE STARS IN HEAVEN WATCHING OVER US!


Day is done, gone the sun

Near the sun, near the stars, near the sky

As we go, this we know

All is well, safely rest


Bernard Sansaricq


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