The President Martelly arrived in Chile

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Haiti - Politic : The President Martelly arrived in Chile

The President Michel Martelly, arrived Friday in Santiago, the capital of Chile, for three days of discussions and meetings, at the Second Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Community of Latin American States and Caribbean (CELAC) and CELAC-EU (including the European Union).

CELAC is a space for dialogue initiated between the different representatives of the members of this community in order to cope with the problems of the region and to develop a common position regarding the environmental issues, financial, economic and political of the world. This forum intends to strengthen the historical ties between peoples. This unit passing through the articulation and harmonization of public policies (education, health, environment, economy, culture, immigration, justice) based on the socio-economic rights and cultural rights.

The Head of the State participates in the Second Summit of CELAC as a representative of member countries and as President “pro tempore” of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), a position he assumed in the month of January 2013 [6 months]. The President Martelly will intervene to defend not only the interests of the countries of the region, but also to promote the new Haiti, which rises and takes its destiny in hand.

The President Martelly declared that he participated in the Summit CELAC-UE, with the clear objective to convince his colleagues in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe, that all the cooperation received by Haiti must be channeled through the government and not by NGOs like today “Having NGOs that manage all resources, undermines the rule of law, the State is not aware of what is happening and the State must have the leadership on what happens, and if the actions of NGOs are in accordance with the development plan of the country.”

Another objective of the Head of State, is put on the table the necessity of balance trade between the 15 countries of this organization with the European Union, which are linked by an Economic Partnership Agreement since 2008. “My presence here today, at the Second Summit of CELAC, shows the willingness of Haiti to integrate the region, to strengthen the cooperation and participate in debates on major decisions, and the adoption of resolutions that promote development of the Caribbean,” adding that “Caribbean trade relations with Europe are good but unbalanced in favor of the EU, even if we have seen a greater commitment to investment in sectors such as energy, transport and tourism.

The President Martelly is also at this Summit to highlight the efforts of the Government in the establishment of a genuine rule of law in Haiti, the establishment of a sustainable energy policy and a system of protection and of promotion environmental strong.


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