The IDIAF and Taiwanese cooperation support Haitian agriculture

Haiti - Agriculture : The IDIAF and Taiwanese cooperation support Haitian agriculture

The Dominican Institute of Agriculture and Forestry (IDIAF) and the Taiwan Technical Mission in Haiti, have signed a tripartite agreement on technical cooperation, by which the Dominican Republic will contribute to agricultural development in Haiti, through the training of Haitian technical agricultural staff on sampling techniques and georeferencing of land for agriculture in Haiti.

The agreement was signed at the headquarters of IDIAF in Santo Domingo by the engineer Rafael Perez Duvergé, CEO of the institution, Mr. Ruey Tzeng-Wang, Representative of the Taiwan Technical Mission in Haiti and Engineer Pierre Jeune, of the Ministry of Agriculture of Haiti, Coordinator of the cooperation project for the grain development in the area of Les Cayes.

The total investment of Taiwanese collaboration reached 5.7 million pesos [1 U.S. dollar = 42 pesos]. The agreement stipulates that IDIAF will provide the methodology and train the Haitian staff on the collection of soil samples and geographic location through the geo-referencing technology.

Under this agreement, it is expected that IDIAF will analyze 7,000 samples of agricultural land in Haiti, in its laboratory in Pantoja [Santo Domingo]. The samples will be used to determine the degree of acidity or alkalinity (pH), electrical conductivity, and the calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium content, the cation exchange capacity, of calcium/magnesium, saturation of aluminum, sodium, iron, magnesium, copper, zinc, the sulfur and molybdenum of the soil.

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