The Episcopal Conference sounds the alarm

Haiti - Crisis : The Episcopal Conference sounds the alarm

In a note, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Haiti (CEH), meeting in extraordinary plenary assembly a few days before the deadline of the end of the constitutional term of the Head of State (7 February 2016), is very concerned, whereas until now, no agreement was officially adopted in order to solve with a consensual manner the current crisis.

Note of the la CEH :
“1- The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Haiti (CEH), eeting in extraordinary plenary session at its headquarters salutes the courage of the Haitian people in these days so difficult socially, politically and economically;

2- The CEH had asked, informally, to facilitate exchanges and build bridges for dialogue between some actors involved in the current crisis. It had done it to nlock difficult or seemingly impossible communications : other bodies have done the same. These Haitian citizens, who worked for a negotiated solution to end the crisis, have made proposals that have been compiled in a basic text of minimum agreement to be finalized. Many other outstanding crisis proposals express great concern for each other as to the governability of the country after the constitutional deadline;

3- We all know: February 7, 2016 ends the constitutional mandate of President of the Republic. It is high time that the people know how we will run the country after that date. But the CEH noted that no agreement has so far been adopted to consensually resolve the current crisis. It believes that all political and state actors must work to find, before the February 7, 2016, a negotiated and mutually acceptable solution to the crisis with wisdom, insight, moderation and patriotism. As it is imperative to prepare all the Haitian people to manage the coming days as responsible citizens.

4- The CEH strongly encourages all forces in the country to come together in order to reach an agreement based on the Constitution and Haitian wisdom to ensure the continuity of the State and political stability of country in the respect for life, property and fundamental rights of the human person;

5. Accordingly, the CEH urges all actors and the Haitian people as a whole to avoid statements and actions that could inflame tensions, inciting violence and aggravate thus the situation already fragile of country. The CEH strongly encouraged to find a consensus in the shortest time for the consolidation of national unity, promotion of democratic culture and the greater good of the nation;

6- The CEH renews the Haitian people, its determination to accompany it on the path of dialogue, peace and development, especially in these times of uncertainties responsible for its security and its future.

7. May, by the maternal intercession of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, God bless and protect our beloved Haiti !”

Follows the signatures : of Cardinal Chibly Langlois, Bishop of the Diocese of Les Cayes and President of the CEH ; Mgr Max Leroy Mésidor, Metropolitan Archbishop of Cap-Haïtien and Vice-president of the CEH ; Mgr Joseph Gontrand Décoste SJ Bishop of the Diocese of Jérémie eand General Secretary of the CEH ; Marie Erick G. Toussaint,
Auxiliary Bishop of Port-au-Prince and Treasurer of the CEH ; Mgr Guire Poulard, Metropolitan Archbishop of Port-au-Prince ; Mgr Pierre Antoine Paulo Omi, Bishop of the Diocese of Port-de-Paix ; Mgr Yves Marie Péan CSC, Bishop of the Diocese of Gonaïves ; Mgr Pierre André Dumas, Bishop of the Diocese of Anse-à-Veau/ Miragoâne ; Mgr Launay Saturné, Bishop of the Diocese of Jacmel ; Mgr Quesnel Alphonse, Bishop of the Diocese of Fort-Liberté and Mgr Faubias Louis, Diocesan Administrator of the Diocese of Hinche.

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