The Canadian Press – ONLINE EDITION Wyclef Jean’s camp can’t say whether music star will run for Haitian presidency-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

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24/07/2010 4:04 PM | Comments: 0

MONTREAL – A spokeswoman for Wyclef Jean isn’t saying whether the hip hop star has plans to run for the Haitian presidency.

Adrienne Jacoby was responding to a report in an Ottawa-based newspaper that says the Haitian-born musician is poised to run for president.

French-language newspaper Le Droit reports that a source close to the Haitian government is “sure” the singer and producer will be a candidate.

Jacoby, who works for Jean’s charitable Yele Haiti Foundation, says the performer would likely issue a statement if and when he announces his candidacy.

She says rumours have been circulating about the possibility of Jean making a run for the presidency of the Caribbean nation.

When asked by Fox Business this week if he would run for president, Jean responded “currently at this minute, no.”

Earlier in the week, he wrote on his Twitter page that he has not made any announcements to the media about his candidacy for the Haitian presidency.



Why does Wyclef play these stupid games?

It makes him look foolish.

He cannot be a candidate for the presidency of Haiti since he does not fulfill the residence requirements stipulated in the Constitution of 1987. A candidate must have lived in Haiti for the five years before the election.

There is no way


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6 thoughts on “The Canadian Press – ONLINE EDITION Wyclef Jean’s camp can’t say whether music star will run for Haitian presidency-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

  1. ego gets the best of most performers, and Wyclef is proving that he is far from immune-

  2. Dual residency might come into play, since his role as Haiti’s Goodwill Ambassador as well as his very involved and involving role within his foundation (YeleHaiti) which required Wyclef Jean to maintain a physical home for himself- in Haiti. My question would be about his citizenship. Is Wyclef Jean a U. S. Citizen?

  3. Does Wyclef is qualified to become the president of Haiti?

    1. He would have needed to live in Haiti for the past 5 years, so the answer is that he is positively not legally qualified by the Haitian Constitution to run for President of Haiti

    2. Also, on the house in Haiti part- He would have had to LIVE in the house for 5 YEARS, and he clearly has NOT, as he clearly has been living in USA. He makes regular visits to Haiti, but he would need to be here more than 50% of the time residing in his house in Haiti, for a FULL 5 years.

      He clearly has not. He is a wonderful person, and the best spokesperson for Haiti. He represents his homeland with pride, and should carry on doing so.

      If he attempted Presidency, and corruption bent the rules so that he could run, he would blunder things and destroy what he already has, leaving him in the same place as Preval is- Bungling along and ruining a beautiful country, falling into temptation.

      Let us not forget that he also was recently involved in some serious allegations of mis-management of YELE Haiti funds, and paying his girlfriend an exorbitant amount of money for a show that was supposedly for charity, helping Haiti of course. She made more money than any Haitian aid fund off that show.

      Would you trust him with a country already crippled by corruption?

  4. I think Wyclef Jean has shown transparency in answering all allegations to his Yele organization and attacks onto his character- on his own. However, I believe he should invest in a good PR person.

    Please help me with the following question:

    The Haitian Constitution refers to “THE **PERMANENT** ELECTORAL COUNCIL” as one with the rights and responsibility to govern the electoral process. The Haitian Constitution makes NO MENTION of **nor** does it allow within its writings- for a TEMPORARILY ASSIGNED ELECTORAL COUNCIL to have office and powers in Haiti. Would it then be a violation of Haiti’s Constitution for THE **TEMPORARILY** ASSIGNED or TEMPORARY ELECTORAL COUNCIL- to decide (in year 2010) on the qualification of a candidate to run for the highest office in the nation? As a country, shouldn’t Haiti’s sitting government concentrate establishing THE PERMANENT ELECTORAL COUNCIL? This would be in line with Haiti’s Constitution and also the responsibility of President Rene Preval in reference to his oath to protect all aspects of Haiti’s Constitution.


    Independent Institutions

    The Permanent Electoral Council

    ARTICLE 191:
    The Permanent Electoral Council is responsible for organizing and controlling with complete independence all electoral procedures throughout the territory of the Republic until the results of the election are announced.

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