The agent Macéus, indicted

Haiti - Justice : The agent Macéus, indicted

Following the tragic incident happened Saturday evening at the Faculty of Law and Economics (FDSE), which caused the death of the 4th year student, Damaël D’Haïti, Pierre Paul Macéus (agent of the National Penitentiary Administration) prime suspect in the death of Damaël, was heard, Tuesday, November 13, 2012, by Me Lucmane Delille, the Government Commissioner who declared, to have enough evidence confirming the involvement of the young officer, for his indictment and having transmitted the file to cabinet of instruction for law suites. In addition, the Commissioner stated that the weapon [of unknown origin] used by the Agent Macéus, had not been found by the investigators of the Central Directorate of the Judicial Police (DCPJ).

Tuesday, taking advantage of a manifestation of the teachers union, of poor wage conditions and 2% tax imposed by the Government to public and private employees, many students, demanding justice for their comrade, Damaël d’Haïti, have joined the demonstration.

Barricades were erected and vandalism was observed on many vehicles (windscreen breakage). An event that has rapidly degenerated into a confrontation after the intervention units of CIMO and UDMO, called to disperse the protest and restore order. To the stone-throwing, the police responded by using tear gas and firing rubber bullets, according to testimony causing several injuries, incident that paralyzed activities in a portion of downtown Port-au-Prince.

In a statement, the Ministry of Education, has strongly condemned the violence recorded Tuesday in Port-au-Prince, the Ministry deplores the violation of the area of some high schools and the attacks against students by individuals [unidentified] claiming to be of the student movement or union. Major damage and several casualties among students were reported.

The Ministry presents its sympathies to students, parents, teachers and school officials affected and appeals to the sense of responsibility of all sectors, stressing that legal action will be taken against the perpetrators of these outrageous acts, having unavowed interests.

For its part, the Government multiplies appeals for calm in the place of fellow of Damaël d’Haïti, mobilized since Sunday.


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