Senator Zenny: MINUSTAH Airport Incident an Insult, Martelly Must Take Issue

MINUSTAH Officials are making a mockery of Haitian Law

Defend Haiti:

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – The senator from the South-east, Edwin Zenny confirmed on Thursday that customs officials at the Toussaint Louverture International Airport were prevented from doing their work of checking packages by a group armed soldiers from MINUSTAH.

On Sunday, armed soldiers with the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) created a panic at the Toussaint Louverture International Airport by firing their weapons during an act that has been deemed illegal by international customs principles and law.

The armed men arrived by war chariot and then proceeded to break through the arrival hall of the airport and to the customs department where two private (non-diplomat, non-military) passengers, with taxable goods beyond allowable limits had been detained for an audit.

The armed men of the MINUSTAH peace-keeping force, cut short the audit by custom officials taking with them the luggage and the two private travelers. The peacekeepers fired rounds of gun fire into the air as they mounted their war chariot to leave.

Senator Zenny says these kinds of incidents show the disrespect of the UN peacekeepers in the country. Zenny called on the Head of State to take on this issue.

The Deputy Spokesman for MINUSTAH, Vincenzo Publiese reported that an internal investigation was underway to take stock in the incident. “The Mission, has been referred to this incident and immediately launched an investigation to establish the precise circumstances,” he said.

Pugliese added that the UN Mission informed the Head of State and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and is regular informing them of the developments on this issue.

“Once the investigation is completed, results will be communicated to the Haitian authorities in the shortest time,” Pugliese promised, who also noted that pursuant to the Agreement between the Government of Haiti and the United Nations concerning the status of United Nations Operation in Haiti, MINUSTAH and its staff must comply with all laws and regulations of the country.

“The Special Representative shall take all appropriate measure to ensure compliance with these obligations,” he concluded.


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4 thoughts on “Senator Zenny: MINUSTAH Airport Incident an Insult, Martelly Must Take Issue

  1. The haitian government should have a private investigation about this matter.Those kind of behavior should not be tolared anywhere in Haiti.If those foreign soldiers acted like donkeys in grass field,then it is time for the Haitian government to take actions againts them ,and tell them that, we don,t need you anymore in Haiti.

  2. Total lack of respect. I trust when the Army is reinstated, MINUSTAH will clean up its mess here, especiaslly all legal matters relating to the spread of cholera, and leave Haiti for good. Their presence has not achieved what it should have for us.

  3. first of all, what was in the suitcases? second who were these people and why were they so important to the minustah that they would reach this level to get them out the airport while they were supposed to follow the procedures? these are the questions people need to ask, and the answers we need because we need to know what connections these 2 people have with the minustah… maybe they are planning something.. more cholera? or maybe sumtin negative, because if it was positive they would make a publicity out of it..

  4. Haitian people should start thinking of actions to get rid of minustah out of the country. their mission is to humiliate and kill haitians. the cholera they spread out hasn’t done enough killing yet. maybe, they brought in their suitcases the secret weapon to finish the job. we will have to take the street and say to minustah that they are no longer welcome to haiti. they make haitian people willing to vomit by seeing them. it is time they leave.

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