January 9, 2014

It would seems as though the State Department through Ambassador Pamela White, or by Ambassador White, on her own will, yet again, meddle in Haitian affairs to the detriment of our Nation: To the detriment of Democracy, that concept so important to the American way but a philosophy that can be betrayed whenever the need arises.

Shortly after President Michel Martelly took office he was forced to approve and publish the fraudulent and flawed Constitutional Amendments, generated by President Preval. We are now in a crisis, generated by the screwed up Constitution that resulted from this interference, an interference that saw the French version, of the Constitution, amended, but not the Creole version.

In effect, Haiti does not really possess a legal constitution.

Thank you Government of the United States!!

And now Ambassador Pamella White is said to have transmitted another illegal, unconstitutional demand that will be felt for a generation to come. She is said to insist that president Martelly generate a “Prolongation” of the term for sitting members of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.

Of course, this includes the Criminal Six Senators who have effectively blocked the Democratic Process for two years, creating untold hardship for Haiti’s 10,000,000 citizens.

Prolongation is better described as a continuation of corruption. It is illegal, unconstitutional and unwise. The people are not “represented” by these Deputies and Senators, who only look to politics as a way to make a living. One can see them lined up at Education or Affaires Sociales, looking to pick up checks for projects, in their specific districts. These checks are then deposited in the Senator/Deputy’s personal accounts for such necessities as mistresses, Land Cruiser and fine living.

To heck with their constituents.

Prolongation will leave the same Senatorial/Aristide impediments in place and the Executive/Martelly will have violated the Constitution.

Parliament should be allowed to expire, on the Constitutional basis, ending this criminal element’s tenure.

Martelly should then re-write the Constitution and ask the International Community for help in December elections he promises.

Parliament now gives an umbrella of immunity to a wide selection of criminals including murderers, escaped jail inmates, cocaine traffickers, kidnappers and simple thieves.

By providing a break in continuity we would have the opportunity to create a new political sector with representatives who really planned to help their communities, with a minimum of corruption.

In Haiti we will always have corruption, but there should be a limit.

At the moment, Senators and Deputies demand large payments in order to vote on anything. Senate President Desras was once paid $330,000 US for his ok on something: He purchased his house in Fermathe with these funds. Desras uses his Senate position as immunity against criminal charges for cocaine trafficking and kidnap. With prolongation, Justice will again be denied.

He should sit in jail, not our Senate.

President Martelly has struggled against all odds to give the Nation a better government than the ones experienced since 1986.

Until the departure of Prime Minister Lamothe he had accomplished this. Some suggest Ambassador White played a key role in the removal of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. Time will tell, but by then it will be too late.

Haiti has been plunged into another needless, damaging period of chaos that can only set Haiti back, yet again.

Time for all of our friends to stand back, keep their hands off and let Haitians deal with Haitian problems.  We should be allowed to make our own mistakes. We should not be forced to live with the results of mistakes forced upon us by our American friends – again.

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  1. Good illustration with Ambassador White and sword dumping a Pink Martelly to sharks of the Chambre and Senate.

  2. Haiti’s only hope will be the 2016 US Presidential election results with a different political party in Washington.

  3. 1. In that sentence, “all our friends,” the author of this article should have put “friends” in quotation marks, because the Western international community has never really been the “friends” of Haiti.

    2. It is interesting that someone like Pamella White, who is a member of the racist religious right is now dictating policy in Haiti.

    3. All this leaves one to understand that the American religious right fanatics, like those of the tea-party, are most likely funding the opposition in Haiti. That is truly scary.

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