November 21, 2010

Yesterday, Preval bought the support of two long-shot presidential candidates. Chavanne Jeun and A Abellard will throw their weight – for whatever it is worth, behind Manigat.

Preval has promised her everything. He has given her several millions American. He has given her an armored personal vehicle (even though she denies this, while still riding around in it) Preval has supplied her with a Presidential security team.  (Her PNH guards tell of midnight rendezvous between Preval/Manigat at his residence.) Preval has promised her the support of UNITE – his political party, in a run-off…..this promise now seeming a worthless as the rest with Celestin really spending millions to capture the country.

President Rene Preval is playing a life-or-death game to retain control through a proxy-puppet president. His original plan saw no majority winner in the first round. This would see two candidates go into the run-off. A series of phony polls, run by Boulos and the Chamber of Commerce/Business Community claimed the impossible – interviews with 6000 Haitians for each poll which saw Manigat/Baker at the top and Ceant with something like 2% when – in fact, he is at the top with between 30 and 42%.

The phony polls prepare the world for what Preval plans.

Instead of Manigat/Baker Preval seems to be leaning to a Celestin/Manigat run-off, controlled by Preval’s own Preval-controlled CEP.

Preval may be about  to see the Manigat/Baker deal replaced – at the vote – by a Manigat/Celestin run-off. This effectively eliminate all opponents. And Celestin will now win.

Some perverse observers say the International Community will welcome this because of Celestin’s known corruption.

He will fall in line with the International Community’s   desire to steal from billions of dollars set aside for Haitian reconstruction.. An honest candidate would prevent guys like Bill Clinton, and others, from making big commissions.


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  1. Objectively brilliant analysis: Since their is no reputable entity to handle the billions of dollars for Haiti’s reconstruction. The US State Department, the US Senate and Congress should give the reconstruction task to the highly reputable US Army CORPS of Engineers with the labor of Haitian workers.

  2. the question is: are the highly reputable US Army CORPS un corrupt?with this Obama Administration ,after I saw how he lied to the haitians that voted for him,I have no trust what so ever in american politicians

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