President Preval Plans New Crimes

Preval ThroneDuring the afternoon of November 2, 2009,  Patrick Elie explained the previous day’s maneuvers aimed at the arrest of  Notaire Jean Henry Ceant in an effort to eliminate him as a potential presidential candidate. The launching of Aimer Haiti, a grassroots movement to help the Nation, was seen as a political front  challenging Preval’s planned fraud for the next electoral cycle.

Preval believed he had neutralized all of the existing political parties. Victor Benoit, the perennial whore, had agreed to throw his weight behind Rene Preval, for another “thirty pieces of silver.”   Preval said he would eliminate Lavalas within the next few weeks. He  would create one huge political party that would be controlled by him.

There would be no opposition.

On November 1, 2009 Preval, and several of his associates, including Patrick Elie and Elizabeth Delatour,  met with Justice Minister Exhume. They  asked how the Ceant dossier was progressing. Preval was pressed for Jean-Henry Ceant’s  immediate arrest in an effort to derail what Preval saw as a potential threat to his plan  for control of the presidency in the coming elections.  Ceant had just returned from a visit abroad. Some believed he had flown to see Jean-Bertrand Aristide to gain his support of a candidacy.

Exhume resisted, saying “We cannot send him a paper…..there isn’t enough evidence.”
Preval countered with a reminder about two men Exume had arrested two years before. Preval said they were jailed without any paperwork.  Exume agreed that this had been done,  but pointed out  Ceant was a high-profile individual. Any  move against him, unsupported by evidence, no matter how flimsy,  was sure to bring disaster.  Ceant had the support of certain embassies, Unite Nations,  the business community and, more importantly, The Mob.

Patrick Elie and Elizabeth Dealtour joined Preval in the effort.  They insisted Preval press to eliminate Ceant. Dealatour said Preval must “discourage him” by any means and suggested they “had fifteen days to accomplish this.”

Justice Minister Exume insisted that he didn’t know how this could be done. Exume was reminded of his major role in the Port-de-Paix scandal, involving the DEA, several hundred  kilos of cocaine, a missing 20 million   dollars,  murders, an American registered  helicopter that exploded in mid-air, Monica Pierre, girlfriend of Gonaive’s police chief…who was assassinated  by people driving a car bearing Senator Lambert’s government license plate, the fact that President Preval had spent three hours with the Gonaives police chief, immediately after the killing…… and the $500,000 Exume had been paid to bury the dossier.

Exume promised to consider the situation.

Someone mentioned the fact that Claudi Gassant was to be appointed Secretary of State of the Parquet (court) the following day. Perhaps he could be the weapon to eliminate Ceant from the game. After all, he had acted for Preval in neutralizing the business community, some time before, with a series of arrests, threatened arrests and simple blackmail some months before. Two of the Brandt’s had been arrested and held under humiliating circumstances, sending a message to those who might resist the democratically elected Dictator Preval.

Preval hopes to “convoke” Ceant a few times, arresting him for retention in the Parquet for a few days at a time, just to make things awkward, and send a message to others.

Murder is not a word that is unfamiliar to Preval who has overseen a number of eliminations that saw potential competitors removed from the game. Mireille Durocher-Bertin, and Jean Dominique are two prominent Haitians who were murdered with Preval’s pre-knowledge.

The fact that Jean Dominique was one of Preval’s best friends…… and he,  Preval, did  nothing to stop the killing, suggests that Ceant  should take precautionary steps. Preval did save Michele Montas,  Dominique’s wife, and a Preval mistress, ex-spokeperson for UN Secretary General Ban. On the morning of the planned assassination he called Montas and asked her to stay at home. He  said he had something he wanted to talk to her about.

She remained at home.

Jean Dominique   drove off to his destiny.


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3 thoughts on “President Preval Plans New Crimes

  1. Since the end of the occupation of Haiti, the country has been ruled by criminals, gansters, Drug Master who would do anything possible to make money and stay in power ( except Dumarsais Estime who left some beautiful examples that nobody ever followed ). Most of the government offices, school buildings,bridges,hospitals,prisons, public markets, national routes, city streets etc. etc. are totally gone or falling apart. The cities are dirty,the drainage sytems are filled with garbage,no sanitation to pick up the trashes collected by the city residents,so they end up in the public street. The farmers ( pauvre paysans) are dying with hunger and diseases.
    The entire professional brain had to leave the country to avoid persecution by the so called government gangs. In the midtime that independant country for over 200 years become the poorest country in the hemisphere. I wish I could express more publicly the insanity of the corrupt governments of Haiti. I am upset for our situation. Some governments (NO PRIDE) use our poverty to get richer by begging foreign countries for help.

    The only way that country can come back is:
    1) To open the door to all Haitians living in foreign countries.
    We want our intelligence back.
    Vote for dual citizenship, Give them security and right to invest freely in the country.
    In Haiti, they should be considered haitian with the same civil and political right and be submitting to the laws as any other haitian.
    2)Put a tax brake in the country for new companies that hire 5 people or more registred and taxed.
    we will see retired doctors come back to built hospitals and medical centers.
    Retired engeneers will come to help in reconstruction of bridge and built communities and malls.
    We will see others professionals coming to create jobs in many other fields.
    Thecnical schools, private universities and colleges will be built without the help from the government.

    All we need is a change in the laws of migration.
    I have no time to discuss all our possibilities today. please contact anytime you want for more.

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      Thank you for providing your e-mail for contact.
      M. Collins.

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