Hurricane Aftermath Photos 2008


The devastation and human suffering inflicted during the Hurricane Seasons can be minimized, but the ruling party has yet to show a flicker of compassion for the victims of past storms, let alone provide any protection against future devastation. This PHOTO Gallery will be updated over time as photos are sent to us, mostly anonymously, so please check back in. Some images are not appropriate for all viewers.

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This is real life in Haiti during the unforgiving Hurricane Season.



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3 thoughts on “Hurricane Aftermath Photos 2008

  1. What can one say as small children are stacked in a pickup truck like unwanted garbage?

    One of these Ti Moun could have been our future president, a world-renowned surgeon, pop artist, or a simple farmer who brought joy to his or her family.

    This emotional tragedy brought an avalanche of cash and material donations, to help fight the existing, and ongoing effects of the 4 hurricane 2008 catastrophe. At least $200,000,000 in cash and much more in materiel was pumped into the hands of the Preval government. The cash disappeared and public demands for an explanation have met with silence. Prime Minister Pierre-Louis promised to reveal the truth but she has retreated to obscurity in silence with her share of the proceeds.

    Many know what happened to the donated material. It was openly sold by Preval, Leslie Voltaire, Elizabeth Delatour, Jude Celisten, Jacques Alexis and others.

    If it hadn’t been for MINUSTAH the situation would have been much worse. Unfortunately, Gonaives and Caberet are still much as they were immediately after the hurricanes destroyed everything. There is no social conscience in Haiti.

    Preval and his team steal openly and don’t care who knows. Their next theft will be the February elections and a new dictatorship will be established – Democratically.

  2. I don’t see any photo credits for thses shots. Could you please tell us who shot these?

    Hello- Most of these photographs are sent to us by other news groups, photographers, and people in Haiti anonymously. Many are sent without credits.
    Thank you for your interest.

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