May 21, 2021

On May 12, the Miami Herald commented: “The U.S.’s plea came during a tension filled meeting in which Haiti’s representative,  (   Bocchit Edmond )  to the hemispheric body accused the eastern Caribbean island of Antigua and Barbuda of attempting to destabilize Haiti and its ambassador (Sir Ronald Sanders) of trying to serve his own personal agenda by highlighting the country’s ongoing political and constitutional crisis. “

First of all, the article reflects, yet again, the American government’s effort to have someone else clear up the disaster in created in Haiti during, and after the 1991 – 1994 Embargo and return of Aristide to Haiti.

And, secondly, Bochit Edmund has a unique position from which to accuse Sir Ronald Jackson of using Haiti for his own personal agenda. He has lived through one disaster, generated by this little man, from a tiny island, possessing tiny abilities even as he thinks of himself as a Giant among Men.

Each morning he looks in the mirror and sees a false reflection of himself that supports his illusion.

As the Martelly Presidency moved towards its end, Senator Jocelerme Privert manipulated the situation to make a February, 2016 transition to Jovenel Moise impossible.

The OAS sent a commission, headed by Sir Ronald Sanders, to broker a transition.

President Martelly sent a representative to meet with Bochitt Edmund, Haiti’s Permanent Representative to the OAS,  to suggest a “Preval Solution,” in which he would remain in power until May, at which time Jovenel Moise would be sworn in.

This would allow time to coordinate things.

The Martelly representative subsequently met with Sir Ronald Jackson, at the El Rancho Hotel, where this possibility was discussed, and seemed to be on a favorable track.

Then, suddenly, another solution popped up. 

If the truth were known, this solution was exactly what Senator Privert had planned, and maneuvered for, since October of 2015. This solution saw Senate President Privert become Provisional President, until May, 2016.

The real plan, decided upon before October, 2015, was to see the few months extended towards Infinity.

Privert wanted to create a Lavalas government.

There are those who alleged that a large bag of cash was involved. 

Some are specific in mentioning $500,000 as the rumored price.

Some suggest much more, but then, Haiti is a land of rumors.

Perhaps there was no cash involved and Sir Ronald Sanders   made the decision to support Privert, based upon Sanders’ limited mental depth, and total lack of understanding so far as the Haitian situation was concerned.

And so, for whatever reason, the 2016 transition to Jovenel Moise, who had won a free-and-fair election on the first round, with something like 68%, was derailed for over one year.

The Privert government stole a fortune and put Haiti in a financial hole that will take a generation to overcome.

Now, in 2021, we are still paying for this crime as so-called opposition elements want Jovenel to step down now – in 2021 – instead of February, 2022,, claiming his mandate is over.

They press for a Transition to Nowhere.

Now, we see a different, but similar situation in which the OAS is urged to step in and “solve things.”

Sir Ronald Sanders is, yet again, mentioned as a leader of the new commission to solve a problem he is largely responsible for.

Give us a break!

The Creole proverb – “ONLY A DOG RETURNS TO ITS VOMIT,” is fitting in this case.

Send in a new dog!


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