April 14, 2021
Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe passes into Haiti’s turbulent history, replaced by Foreign Affairs Minister Claude Joseph who will now face the challenges presented by our Nation’s accelerating insecurity. 
One man can generate a “tendency” but cannot be expected to solve the problems without the support of all sectors.  A main element, in Prime Minister Joseph’s team, will be PNH Director General Leon Charles who must pull together the fractured elements of this organization.
Another important element is the reviving Forces Armees d’Haiti who can play a key role in returning Haiti to a secure situation.
More importantly, the International Community must recognize the situation, faced by President Moise, for what it is. A few terrorist elements whose only aim is the downfall of our elected government, no matter what the cost may be, to our society.
President Moise must finish his term, in February, 2022 or Haiti will slip into the abyss from which there will be no path to recovery.
A frightening situation with few simple answers.

Adelina Dayiti

Special N 21


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