December 6/7, 2010

President Rene Preval met with American Ambassador Merten, MINUSTAH chief, Mulet and a guy named Ricardo from OAS. The discussion was heated as the people tried to convince Preval that his plan was not the right one for Haiti.

At one point they called Secretary General Ban ki Moon, after asking Mulet to leave the room. More heated discussions followed, in which Preval refused to modify his plans, effectively guaranteeing civil chaos and bloodshed.

As side issues, to this growing threat to public safety and order, the senior officers of the PNH – National Police – have stepped aside and refuse to become involved in the crisis. They do not want to be dismembered like the Forces Armees d’Haiti before them.`

In any event, local circumstances have seen MINUSTAH ignore the PNH, saying that MINUSTAH will guarantee security. Well, let’s see MINUSTAH handle the upcoming situation, without creating a massacre of innocents!

Indications of problems, in the countryside, have already started to manifest themselves as machete sales increase. The Americans watch how much pizza goes into the White House, to judge a crisis situation. In Haiti we watch machete sales and the last 24 hours has seen  a major surge in thre market.

Trouble must follow!.

Preval has also been warned by his associates – the cocaine traffickers – that, should  he falter – the will kill him.

At least the cocaine people have a coherent plan!!

Unfortunately, the International Community – especially the Americans, seem to have none!!

If things are not dealt with – IMMEDIATELY – this will see Martelly siding with the Aristide elements. Manigat will go with the French. Others will follow different stars, and Haiti will disintegrate into a long term chaos that will do nothing for progress.

On a simple level, foreigners will not come to deal with the cholera disaster, because of the insecurity.

There is no time for delay.

Preval must go.

A  Transitional Government must be put in place.

A new CEP named.

Elections held with proper supervision, giving any new Haitian  government some credibility.



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  1. On a more practical level. I have just spoken to a doctor who is familiar with both Martelly and Manigat.

    Seems as though Martelly’s drug intake is quite impressive. Whether or noth this should have any effect on whether or not he is presidential material will be left to others.

    Manigat is a sick lady who has avoided travel lately. The doctor believes she will die after three months in the prsidency, should Haiti be unlucky enough to have her.

    Neither one is a super bet, but what else is there??

    Ceant or Baker

  2. What a joke! All of Haiti’s protectors the Washington occupants, France, Canada, the OAS and the Haitian Governor Clinton cannot organize a fair democratic election. How many hands does it takes to screw a light bulb?

  3. In my humble opinion the only person that appears to be truly capable/qualified to take the country out of such abysmal state is Mr.Baker. I dare say so, based on his education(nothing phony)his busines and agricultural background,and above all his true love for the country and its people. I do not see him as one of those “tard-venue” newly arrived member of the so called Haitian society who has nothing but pure selfish interest. Mais helas…I do find it so unjust and matter of quite CRIMINAL of those currently at the helm of Haiti to keep on playing political game of “hide and seek”, while the poor, the sick, the hungry children of Haiti are dying daily. What a shame, I do strongly believe that they should be held accountable this time for crimes commited against the population. It is high time to set some judicial examples, so those who follow, would have some respect for the people.
    (Just my humble opinion, while I pray fervently for my birthplace. For no matter what, Haiti shall always be in me.)

  4. I am not going to say any thing about Haiti today.If some one wants to have an idea about what will happen since today in Hait, go back to my prior comments and you will surely find out what is on the way to happen.

  5. I have said before and I say it again
    Preval has no interest in putting anyother one tonight than Celestin,since they both know what has been going on and they both give a squat about Haiti.these are the governors the US need not some one who questions patriotique subjects.
    see it when ever the results come.
    Jude celestin President set by UN OEA CARICOM US and of course the Preval KEP.
    sorr guys,but Haiti will plunge in deep shit. I guess the only option for those who are leaving out of it is to stay away from it for now

  6. I have to ask what Prevail has done that is nearly as bad as Aristide. If Prevail had the money that Aristide stole from Haiti, he could build new houses for everyone. Jude would be nobody’s puppet..You prefer an old first lady that was married to a corrupt president or an entertainer that drops his pants on stage

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