Mexico grants 300 scholarships

Haiti - Education : Mexico grants 300 scholarships

Tuesday, as part of the bilateral cooperation Haiti-Mexico, Pierre Richard Casimir, the Minister of Foreign Affairs signed, at the diplomatic lounge of the Toussaint Louverture International Airport, with he Ambassador of Mexico, Luis Manuel Lopez Moreno, an agreement framework for the provision of 300 higher education scholarships, offered by Mexico.

The Minister Casimir stated during the signing of this agreement “[…] the present agreement aims to establish the general bases and the collaboration mechanisms through which the Government of Haiti and Mexico, will implement this special program of 300 scholarships for Haiti […] Mr. Ambassador as you know the Administration Martelly-Lamothe has a basic objective, that to lay the foundations who must put Haiti on the road to development by 2030 […]

The Government intends to address the issue of human resources, because in reality no development is possible without men and women who received adequate education for this purpose. In other words, create the conditions for training and of improvement of executives, capable of running thev public and private administrations, boost the creation and production of wealth in all areas, this is the specific objective pursued by the Government.

It is for this reason that the President has made of the education one of the five priorities of his five years, of course, the emphasis is on basic education […] but efforts are made to improve the offer of higher education […] to this end, educational opportunities are sought abroad for our graduates […] In other words, this special program of 300 scholarships offered to Haiti is timely.

It is part of a wider policy, which is that of the management of human resources with a view to strengthening our capabilities, both of production of goods and services, that of policy formulation and implementation of projects […]”

Ambassador of Mexico qualified of beneficial the elations between the two countries, expressing his belief that education is the best way that a society can take to attain his ideal. Stressing that this scholarship program is the largest ever granted by Mexico to a single partner, he said at the end of the agreement signed, 125 scholarships will be awarded the irst year, 100 the second, and 75 the third. For their part, the recipients of these scholarships must commit to completing their studies, to return to Haiti to put their knowledge at the service of Haiti.

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