Sep 26, 2023
1937 saw the Dominican Republic carry out genocide upon Haitians living within its borders. Some 30,000 Haitians were murdered over a few days.
Haitians could not pronounce “parsley” in the same way as Dominicans. Soldiers would stop someone. If they missed the pronunciation they were killed…. Men, women and children, without mercy.
The Dominican racist view is magnified by the current Racist  President Abinader who is pressing for a confrontation with Haiti.
Tens of thousands of Haitian, many of these born in the Dominican Republic, have been deported over the past weeks.
The Dominican Republic recently came up with some convoluted legal premise that sees Haitians have to have been associated with the DR before 1929!!!  So they can deport anyone they don’t need for work as slave in the sugar cane fields, or as hotel employees.
President Jovenel Moise had entered into an agreement with the Dominicans that saw a proposed canal take water from the Massacre River, that makes up part of the border between the two countries, to irrigate some 10,000 acres of land. 
These acres would support many Haitians.
Since Jovenel’s assassination the project died.
Some suggest the Dominican Republic was involved with this crime.
A group of Haitian peasants recently revived the canal/irrigation project, much to the irritation of Dominicans..
The racist Dominican President Abinader has closed the border to any, and all traffic, creating unbelievable hardship.
The revived Massacre River Canal Project has become a focal point for Nationalistic pride as thousands become involved. One of the project  coordinators, Jeantel Joseph, has been sanctioned by the Dominican Republic as his team coordinates manifestations in support of the Haitian effort.
Jeantel Joseph
There is accelerating support within Haiti, and internationally, as friends of Haiti see this concept as a positive one, in a field of overall disaster.
The United Nations, OAS, CARICOM and others must take steps to derail the Dominican President’s racists assault upon Haiti. Haitians are dying because of this inhumanity.
The Haitian government should take this movement as a vehicle to generate positive attention for Haiti.


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