June 8, 2011

President Michel Martelly is about to take a very large step that will create an uproar throughout the international community. His action is forced by Rene Preval’s time bombs, left behind to explode after his departure. He is responsible for the fixed parliamentary elections, that saw the Chamber and Senate loaded with INITE people, many of these murders/thieves/drug smugglers, or all three. This constitutional crisis has effectively paralyzed Haiti.

Something must be done.

Martelly will chop parliament.

He will get rid of the criminal Preval CEP and put in place a balanced one.


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  1. let see my firend. even i stand strongly against anarchy,but i guess what we have in that parliament is more than a cao.
    If anything let God guides MIKI in his decision and he must remenber that any impulsive action always has big consequences.God Bless Haiti.we have enough. This time things most change

  2. The first thing is to arrest Aristide and Preval and associates right away to set the country free.To many criminals are on the streets.We know all of them.

    Fire the senators and deputies once for all.

  3. Koman vakabon sa yo te fe eli kom palmante nan peyi a?
    Neg sa yo se kriminel notwa. Dosye yo devan tribinal kriminel =, san yo pa ko fin jije epi y al kache nan sena ak palman an.

    Mete men nan kolet yo tout.

  4. Martelly cannot fire the parliament without scrumbling the presidency. Both are the result of the same process. Both must go.

  5. It is going to be a mess.
    Martelly has also forgotten those people who put him in power and now works to see his friends make (steal) monies.
    With Gregory Mayard-Paul as his Chief of Cabinet, Martelly is already in troubles. Mayard-Paul is an ego idiot who things he knows everything and knows nothing.
    Martelly is also listening to his Spanish election manager who did a good job but does not know anything about Haitian people. This will add to disaster.
    Martelly will not survive.

  6. Martelly is preparing the way for Aristide who will pick up the pieces.

    Aristide is working hard with each day that passes.

    He and Preval should be arrested but they may take power again.

    Martelly will fail by September and then what?

  7. “MARTELLY WILL FIRE PARLIAMENT NEXT WEEK”. This is a false information. I think you should change your website’s name HAIIAN-TRUTH.ORG. LIES….LIES….LIES….LIES…..

    1. Doudou- Do you know what your name phonetically spells out as? Seems like your words are as well.

  8. Just a mention- Young Haitians should attempt to be more polite, and perhaps more constructive in conversation. It pains us elders to see so many rude and arrogant youth- Haiti has no future without grace.


  9. Mark Charles- I can change my name if I want to. Other website give you that option when you are making a comment. You as Haiti’s most informative news site like you are claiming it to be it’s very very wrong. I wonder where you got that information from?

  10. DOUDOU- Marc Charles has ZERO to do with this site.
    Mr Collins, and Administrator are the ONLY ones here that have anything to do with this site, PERIOD.

    No news sites divulge their sources. Surely you are smarter than that?

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