Martelly Visits the infrastructure built in the neighborhoods of Nerette and Morne Hercule

Haiti - Reconstruction : Visit of the infrastructure built in the neighborhoods of Nerette and Morne Hercule

Friday, President Michel Martelly, accompanied by the Mayor of Petion-ville, Ms. Jolicoeur Yvanca Brutus, officials of the Unit of Housing Construction and of Public Buildings (UCLBP) and representatives of UN agencies went in Nerette and Morne Hercule (Petion-ville), two of the first neighborhoods rehabilitated after the earthquake of January 2010, under the 16/6 project.

The Head of State wished to inquire personally of major infrastructure works achieved in these neighborhoods, including drainage and adoquinage works intended to the improvement of pedestrian circulation. This work mainly concern the street Charlemagne Péralte, rehabilitated over 1.2 km, the Street of the Paix, culvert that connects Delmas 64 to Petionville, the gateway that connects the neighborhoods of Morne Hercule and of Nérette the site of collective houses consisting of 34 units 19 units and the Community Centre of Morne Hercule.

The President of the Republic took the opportunity to meet with community leaders in these areas.

Remember that September 30, 2011, the President of the Republic had launched with international partners, the “Project 16/6” with initial goal to close six camps for displaced persons and to facilitate the return of nearly 5,000 families in their 16 neighborhoods of origin: Port-au-Prince, Delmas and Pétion-Ville.

Thanks to the establishment of an effective organization and careful management, this project was able to close 50 camps and helped almost 44,000 displaced [± 11,000 families] of the metropolitan area to live decently. To date, the project has also helped more than 1,410 families to benefit from improved housing in accordance with the “Guidelines for repair of small buildings in Haiti,” published by the Ministry of Public Works [creation of over 4,000 jobs].


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