Feb 2 2018

Michel Martelly, ex-President,  Sweet Micky, and ongoing Statesman replies!

President Martelly spends some time on TNH discussing the present situation and the Jovenel Moise Presidency.

The one important point that I walk away with is the simple fact that President Martelly has no blood on his hands, or conscience, unlike the Aristide/Lavalas team and their hit woman Lilianne Pierre-Paul who reveled in her role directing Lavalas teams to kill innocents and burn property.

“Ti Lili”  is really a revolting, unattractive personality who would be jailed and her radio station closed, in any nation with any sort of regulatory body.

And here is Martelly 2018.

The personal attacks on Martelly, with regard to his iconic Carnaval escapades has shown the ongoing public support for him. A sit in was called for the front of Port-au-Prince’s Mayor’s office and no one showed up.




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2 thoughts on “MARTELLY REPLIES

  1. Sadly your people support Martelly, who really deserves it.
    Then he goes to a radio and commits suicide.
    The tapes of that will linger forever, destroying all that he was.
    The real damage is to Haiti’s image.
    Makes his entire presidency look worthless, when it was not.
    Very sad, like we have just lost a friend.

  2. So is this the best the Martelly’s team can come up with ” I don’t have blood in my hands” ? What about all the killings and destructions in Gonaive in 2012 when the Electoral team wanted to remove Michel Joseph Martelly? Wasn’t that bad enough? What about the death of the newly appointed Judge in supreme court during an important investigation? Come with something better Martelly, No one will buy that lie from you sir.

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