Lavalas mobilization to accompany Aristide to court

Rony Thimothe of FOPARK [file]

04.30.2013: Biron Odige of FOPARK announces May 8 mobilization with Aristide. Radio Kiskeya

The Patriotic Force for Respect of the Constitution (FOPARK) announced a mobilization to accompany former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide to the Port-au-Prince courthouse on Wednesday May 8 that will “demonstrate the power that Lavalas has in the territory.” This mobilization, according to FOPARK officials will be the start of the Lavalas campaign in the upcoming elections.

In the press conference lead by political activist, Biron Odige, the organization said it was in favor of the convocation of Judge Ivekiel Debrezil and for seeking justice for the slain journalist Jean Leopold Dominique and his bodyguard in April of 2000, but are not for any attempts at political persecution against the former two-time president Aristide.

FOPARK denounced the massive corruption and attempts at instituting a dictatorship by the Martelly government since its installation in May of 2011.

Thimothe recalled the recent testimony of corruption at the National Palace by Richard Morse, the testimony of the resigned Minister of Finance Marie Carmelle Jean-Marie, and the testimonies of countless others of rampant corruption and sabotage in the Martelly-Lamothe administration.

Former President Jean Bertrand Aristide will join a list of individuals, former President Rene Preval, former Prime Minister Yvon Neptune, among them, who have been questioned for their knowledge on the murder of Jean Leopold Dominique.


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