January 10, 2012

It is a sad fact, but the 300,000 + who lost their lives during a short minute, on the afternoon of January 12, 2010, are forgotten, except when the anniversary approaches and people realize that the memorial – so carefully created by Martelly, last year, has been overgrown with weeds and brush. Take a look at the attached video.

Immediately after the disaster, President Preval refused to hold a memorial service, for the victims, and the Nation. Jean-Henry Ceant organized on at the burial spot in Titanyen where tens of thousands shared a common grave. This was a very emotional moment in time and a promise was made – a promise to erect a memorial.

Of course, the promise was forgotten and nature covered the entire erea with bushes and weeds. Immediately over the burial site Haitians dumped truckloads of garbage.

In 2012 Martelly cleaned the place up and created what appeared to be a pretty good, permanent memorial Trees were planted by dignataries and one would expect that President Martelly would budget something for upkeep.



As the attached video shows, the trees have died, replaced by the rough bushes that originally took over the space, their roots fertilized by the 50,000 sleeping friends.

Bang! 2013 is upon us with another anniversary and like a woman, expecting a visit from her in-laws, there is a wild, panicky clean-up to make the site presentable for January 10, 2013 – the third anniversary of a disaster that took someone from every Haitian family.

Perhaps  Martelly should plant good fake plastic trees to save the costs of upkeep, and tether a few cabrite around the mass grave to hold back nature’s assault.

Titanyen reflects Sweet Mickey’s unfocused attention to Haiti’s problems.



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