Haitian prisoners re-captured-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti – United Nations peacekeepers yesterday helped Haitian police capture 30 criminals who had escaped from prison following the January 12 catastrophic earthquake.

The prisoners had later infiltrated a camp for internally displaced persons in the capital.

Working with the Haitian National Police, more than 350 military and police staff serving with the UN stabilisation mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) raided the Jean-Marie Vincent camp for IDPs near the notorious Cité Soleil neighbourhood of Port-au-Prince.

The operation was the largest security action conducted by MINUSTAH since the 12 January quake, which killed an estimated 300,000 people and destroyed or substantially damaged the homes of millions of others. Many prison inmates also escaped from jail in the aftermath of the disaster.

In a statement, MINUSTAH said the raid was conducted following an upsurge in violence inside the IDP camp that was linked to the prison escapees.

Following the quake the UN Security Council authorised the mission to have an additional 15,000 UN Police (UNPOL) and 2,000 military personnel.


Nice to see some of the prisoners captured.

It will be useful to remind the world of events and actual details, involved with the so-called escape from the National Penitentiary in downtown Port-au-Prince.
Even as the dust was settling, and peoples’ cries for help filled the air…Rene Preval initiated one of the cruelest and most cynical acts of his  flawed presidency. Preval ordered senior members of the National Police to initiate a rumor, to the effect that a tsunami wave was sweeping towards dowtown Port-au-Prince and people shoud run for their lives. They should head for higher ground, or be drowned like rats.

The area around Croix des Bouquets…”was already flooded…!!!”

Thousands of terrified people streamed up crowded roads into the mountains. Most had nothing more than the clothing on their backs.any were without shoes. Many were injured.

And as the people fled, Preval’s associates opened the jail doors – “for humanitarian purposes…”  and freed the prisoners.  His real motivation was the release of nearly 100 of the worst gang-leaders…men who could not be released otherwise, without public outcry. These men were guilty of  the most viscous crimes…murder, kidnap, torture…some had gouged the eyes from kidnapped children.

And, Preval was/in their boss. He controls the major gangs in Haiti and uses them as a secret army, to intimidate and frighten a peaceful public into compliance with Preval’s desires.

The people arrested by MINUSTAH and the police, in a raid focused upon a tent camp…did not capture any of Prevals real gang people.

Preval’s gang leaders remain free, ready to react on command, creating violence of troubles to derail the planned elections this fall.


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  1. I am glad that people are starting to understand the structure of organized crimes put in place in Haiti to genociding the entire nation. It is at last time to stop Preval and his associates in their movements. By any means, we have to find the way to do do.And the most important thing, is to capture them and bring them to justice.If the world never forget Adolf Hitler, why could we tolerate assasins like These terrorist officials in Haiti? Be prepared anyway to give them what they deserve.

  2. Moses has some good points.

    We must not forget the gang leader Amaral Duclona who was sought by the MINUSTAH forces for his gang activity that included kidnapping, turture, rape and murder, on Preval’s orders. He killed two French citizens, ona a Consul, for Preval, plus another government employee who would not sign papers for a $100,000,000 deal that saw international community funds used to buy used equipment, instead of new.

    When MINUSTAH was closing in, for an arrest, Jude Celestin, Preval intimate and boyfriend of Preval’s daughter, obtained a passport in another name for Duclona.

    Then Duclona stayed in Preval’s sister’s house the night before he fled the county.

    Duclona went into hiding in the Dominican Republic and received funds, from Preval/Celestin, via Western Union (of all things!!!)

    MINUSTAH intercepted phone calls and gather the funding receipts. They finally arrested Duclona and he was extradited to France where he sang a song that implicated Preval, Celisten, the National Police and a gang of other notables.

    The French have remained silent, and has MINUSTAH.

    Their release of information would save the country a lot of trouble…..by showing what a criminal Preval is.

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