Haitian Environmental Success Stories on CNN International

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Dear Lynn,
CNN International is showcasing two environmental success stories from Haiti in a half-hour program “Going Green: Earth” beginning this Friday, July 5th
and repeated several times during the following week.
CNN Special Correspondent Philippe Cousteau introduces a global audience in 200 million households and hotel rooms in over 200 countries (including Haiti) to two ground-breaking Haitian initiatives that combine tree planting and agriculture–one rural and one urban.
The Smallholder Farmers Alliance is investing in Haiti’s farmers to feed and reforest the nation, so far planting 2.5 million trees and improving agricultural outputs by 40 to 50 percent, depending on the crop. And now the operation is a social business that is self-financed and managed by its 2,000 farmer members.
Jaden Tap Tap is a half-acre urban garden in the middle of the Port-au-Prince slum of Cité Soleil. Built on the site of an old garbage dump by SAKALA, it currently produces around 20 different vegetables as well as a significant number of moringa trees.
If you miss this episode of Going Green (it will not be on CNN U.S., although some American and Canadian cable companies include CNN International as a separate channel), I will be sending out a link to the full program on YouTube by mid-July.
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Hugh Locke
Co-founder and President, Smallholder Farmers Alliance; author of The Haiti Experiment

Click for CNN International “Going Green” website.
Check out Philippe Cousteau’s Haiti photo diary.
Timote Georges
Timote Georges, Co-founder of Smallholder     Farmers Alliance, is profiled on the Clinton
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Additional support from the Clinton Foundation.

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