Haiti the most vulnerable to climate change; Iceland the least


By Spencer Platt, Getty Images

Haiti is the nation most at risk from rising sea levels, floods and other impacts of climate change, according to a new global survey from the U.K. risk analysis firm Maplecroft.

Thirty countries are listed as being at ‘extreme risk,’ with the top 10 comprising of Haiti, Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Cambodia, Mozambique, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Malawi and the Philippines.

The survey, the Climate Change Vulnerability Index, ranks nearly 200 nations in terms of vulnerability to climate change.

“Climate change and population growth form the two greatest challenges facing the world over the next century,” Maplecroft states in an online report.

As for cities, those most at risk are Calcutta in India, Manila in the Philippines, Jakarta in Indonesia and Dhaka and Chittagong in Bangladesh.

Iceland is the country which is forecast to suffer the least, the survey reports. The other best-performing countries in the survey are almost exclusively in Northern Europe, with Finland, Ireland, Sweden and Norway all in the top ten, as noted in aCNN report about the survey.

“The U.S. is categorized as low risk, although some coastal regions, including Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, North and South Carolina were rated as ‘high risk,'” the CNN report notes.


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