Haiti: Reconstruction Panel Meets-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

More than five months after the earthquake, with rubble still clogging the streets of the capital and some 1.5 million Haitians still homeless, the interim commission for Haiti’s reconstruction met Thursday for the first time. The panel, chaired by former President Bill Clinton and Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive, met behind closed doors, but Mr. Clinton said that future meetings would be open. The commission announced $45 million in grants from Brazil and Norway to help the government close its budget gap and a $20 million fund created by Frank Giustra, a Canadian businessman, and Carlos Slim Helú, a Mexican businessman, to provide loans for small businesses. Resolving central issues like debris removal and moving Haitians out of tent camps will take time, Mr. Clinton said.



Another meeting.

More talk

More promises….but little action.

Carpetbaggers filled every available hotel room and restaurant, seeking parts of the pie.  They studiously avoided eye contact with the many amputees, starving children and hopeless adults.  These Haitians are not allowed in the hotels or top line restaurants and are dissuaded from standing anywhere near the entrances.

Out of sight….out of mind. And so it goes with Haiti as all involved ignore immediate, and pressing problems, to speculate and strategize on the big picture…a picture that sees the foreign carpetbaggers making new fortunes.

What the UN/International Community need is a neutron bomb that will remove the pesky Haitians…leaving the country for true exploitation.


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